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Former HP Intellectual Property Chief: Looking After IP Demands Creativity, Before Litigation

From the smallest startup to the largest financial institution, protecting the intellectual property (IP) that drives technology has become a more complicated—but also, potentially more profitable—process.

Sell-Side Technology | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 09 Jul 2014

The sun sets over San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge

Canid AM Appoints Hughes as Technical Director, Partner

The boutique long-short equities shop based in Silicon Valley has brought on Fred Hughes to lead its technology strategy.

Buy-Side Technology | News | People | 03 Jul 2014


Fatca Goes Live—Massive Mess, or Much Ado About Nothing?

This week's deadline for compliance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or Fatca as it's better known, came and went with a relative whimper—if also with a little purple prose. What to make of it, Tim wonders?

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 03 Jul 2014


Thomson Reuters Adds MyVest to BETA Ecosystem

The global information provider has integrated MyVest's Strategic Portfolio System (SPS) into its BETA systems suite, allowing users to automate and scale transactions processing related to managed accounts.

Buy-Side Technology | News | Portfolio Management | 01 Jul 2014


At Integral, New Appointments for Barker, Farrell Ahead of Product Refresh

The FX platform has given new responsibilities to Jon Barker, now managing director of products, and hired Richard Farrell as managing director, who replaces Barker as global head of sales.

Sell-Side Technology | News | People | 30 Jun 2014


Tim Bourgaize Murray: In Search of Spanish Treasure

Bad banks have gained preference in recent years both as a way to unwind toxic assets and as entities for buy-side firms to invest in. With each opportunity, the industry has sorted and implemented these mechanisms faster and faster—often with outsourced...

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 27 Jun 2014


Fixed Income's Dead? Long Live Its Technology

SEC Commissioner Mary Jo White hinted last Friday that fixed income might be the next technology rabbit hole the Commission jumps down. That seems like good news for the buy side—but is it?

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Regulation & Standards | 27 Jun 2014


In Spain, Technology Charts 'Bad Bank' Path

The European ‘bad bank’ model has become one of global finance’s more ubiquitous contrivances, addressing a scourge of toxic assets that more and more markets find themselves coping with. Tim Bourgaize Murray examines the Spanish real estate market—and...

Waters | Feature | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 27 Jun 2014


Bloomberg Introduces File Analytics for Vault Service

The financial information giant's enterprise data management arm, Vault, has enhanced its cloud-based service with on-site gateway software called File Analytics, allowing users to incorporate new types of unstructured, "dark" data into their compliance...

Buy-Side Technology | News | Infrastructure Technologies | 24 Jun 2014


Scivantage Secures New Funding Injection, Partner

The provider says it has raised an additional $20 million combined from Comerica Bank, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) Capital Partners, and Edison Ventures, as well as new investment from ORIX Ventures.

Buy-Side Technology | News | Organization & Management | 23 Jun 2014

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