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Waters Rankings 2014: Best Market Risk Solution Provider — SunGard

While credit risk has rightfully gained its share of the risk management spotlight after the implementation of Basel III and also in the wake of the global financial crisis, where so many well-established and previously blemish-free financial institutions...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Credit Risk Solution Provider — Numerix

A strong reputation among Waters readers is built on a mix of attributes, both established and new, and for 2014 this mix perfectly describes yet another win for New York-based risk management specialist Numerix in the best credit risk solution provider...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Broker-Dealer — UBS

At first blush, a single-dealer trading platform with aggregation capabilities would seem like an astonishingly simple idea. And yet, it’s at the conceptual level where any simplicity ends, and the long, hard technology work begins. For that reason,...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Network Provider — SunGard

Some technology providers do one small thing extremely well, and that narrow precision guides them to immense success. But if there is one category in the financial services industry where just the opposite is required, it’s network connectivity, which...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Fits and Start(up)s: Chasing New Fintech Innovation Models

Incubators, accelerators, and mentoring programs have gained favor in recent years as start-up financial technology providers look to partner with clients—and potential strategic investors—earlier in the launch process, and global financial centers...

Waters | Feature | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 30 Jul 2014


Atreaus Capital Takes Hedge360 for Integrated Risk Management

The boutique global macro fund will now use SunGard's managed Hedge360 Risk Reporting Service to develop customized daily reporting across its range of trading asset classes.

Buy-Side Technology | News | Risk Management | 28 Jul 2014


Internal Dark Pools—Into Darkness?

This week, trading on Barclays' US-based LX platform fell off a cliff after a lawsuit was filed alleging high-frequency (HFT) manipulation at the venue. Is the buy side finally spooked?

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | High Frequency Trading | 25 Jul 2014

Paul Tivnann at Bloomberg

FIX Finishes TESI Extension to FX

The industry group says its Trading Enablement Standard Initiative (TESI) will now be available for foreign exchange (FX) client enablement.

Buy-Side Technology | News | Connectivity & Networks | 24 Jul 2014


Midnight Hour for European AIFMs

The deadline for applying for authorization under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) arrives on July 22, and one recent measure suggests a few firms out there are still sweating bullets. But, Tim wonders, is that such a bad thing?...

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Compliance | 18 Jul 2014


Bloomberg Vault Partners with Salesforce

Bloomberg is now part of salesforce.com's partner program, allowing the pair to team up on support for Salesforce1 for financial services.

Sell-Side Technology | News | Compliance | 17 Jul 2014

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