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June 2014: HFT: No Longer a Whale of a Time

Despite recent buzz, high-frequency trading does not present opportunities to just anyone, as Victor points out that the feeding frenzy has shut out all but the most highly advanced firms.

Waters | Opinion | High Frequency Trading | 30 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Overall Sell-Side Product of the Year — GoldenSource EDM Platform

There is only one company that has managed to trump the mighty Markit when it comes to the best data management product in either the Buy-Side Technology or Sell-Side Technology Awards. That company’s name is GoldenSource, and this is the year that...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 06 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Sell-Side Technology Provider of the Year — Markit

The technology provider of the year is traditionally the final category of both the Sell-Side Technology Awards and the Buy-Side Technology Awards, and is the second of only two awards announced at the dinner, decided by the Waters journalists. All of...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 06 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Smart Order Routing Product/Tool — SunGard

They say that patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait. SunGard has done its time waiting in the wings recently across Waters various awards programs, which makes this win in the best smart order routing (SOR) product category...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 05 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Implementation at a Sell-Side Firm — Torstone Technology

If London-based Torstone Technology were an athlete, it would fall squarely into the prodigy camp, having won an award—the best sell-side newcomer (product or category)—in last year’s inaugural Sell-Side Technology Awards, within a year of opening...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 05 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Sell-Side Data Management Product — GoldenSource

Waters has written it before, but it’s worth noting again: Ask a decent-sized sample of CIOs from across the financial services industry what their biggest bug bear is, and you’re likely to hear something relating to their data—be that data cleanliness,...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 02 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Sell-Side Complex-Event Processing (CEP) Technology — Software AG (Apama)

There was a time, perhaps two years ago, when wherever you looked, complex-event processing (CEP), the technology darling of the capital markets, stared right back at you. Now, however, like so many other technologies that are part and parcel of the financial...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 02 May 2014 | video


May 2014: Regulators’ Arbitrary Line in the Sand

The high-frequency trading debate is raging, thanks to Michael Lewis' Flash Boys. But Victor says the answer is not to rely on regulations to ensure fairness.

Waters | Opinion | High Frequency Trading | 02 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Rubbing Shoulders with the People’s Champion

This year’s Sell-Side Technology Awards, held on the evening of April 15 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, witnessed a number of new firms in the winners’ circle, the upending of one of the financial technology industry’s most celebrated...

Waters | Opinion | Awards & Rankings | 02 May 2014


Waters Rankings 2014 Open for Entries

The Waters Rankings 2014, WatersTechnology’s only reader-determined awards, are now open for entries. As usual, entry to the 12th annual Waters Rankings is free and firms may enter as many categories as they wish, on the condition that they provide...

Waters | News | Awards & Rankings | 25 Apr 2014

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