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Industry Issues & Initiatives

Industry Issues & Initiatives

Waters Technology’s extensive coverage of Industry Issues & Initiatives features expert analysis, news, opinion, interviews & special reports on the business issues facing professionals across the financial market IT, trading technology and data landscape.

Industry Issues & Initiatives News, Commentary & Analysis from Waters Technology


Opening Cross: Data Dilemmas Will Be Just Fine... If You Read the Fine Print

The financial markets are full of nostalgic tales about how deals used to be done on a handshake in the street. Unfortunately—or perhaps fortunately, depending on your point of view—those days are gone. Now, there’s a paper trail for everything—in...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 21 Jul 2014

stephen kimsey

Kimsey: Developing Markets Driving Data Growth

Global spending on market data is poised to grow by just under 4 percent over the next two years to around $23.6 billion, driven by growing data consumption in new markets, according to an analysis of the trading technology sector carried out by UK-based...

Inside Market Data | News | Organization & Management | 18 Jul 2014


Opening Cross: Looking for Data (and Beer) in All the Right Places

Over the July 4 long weekend, I strolled around the new residential skyscrapers built along the Long Island City waterfront, and the redeveloped Gantry Plaza State Park overlooking the East River and the UN building. A few blocks inland, in a parking...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 14 Jul 2014


Parsing Fintech's Whimsical Name Game

Tim muses on a subject—company names—that has confounded him for most of his time covering financial technology. Does a strange moniker make a difference?

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 10 Jul 2014


Abacus Rolls Out File Transfer Solution for Buy-Side Firms

Abacus Group has launched a new service designed to help hedge funds and private equity firms to automate routine file transfers.

Buy-Side Technology | News | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 09 Jul 2014


Former HP Intellectual Property Chief: Looking After IP Demands Creativity, Before Litigation

From the smallest startup to the largest financial institution, protecting the intellectual property (IP) that drives technology has become a more complicated—but also, potentially more profitable—process.

Sell-Side Technology | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 09 Jul 2014


Open Platform: The ‘Hidden Tax’ of Index Data

As index use has grown, so have the ways in which entrenched index providers are extracting revenues from licensing their indexes and underlying data. But with cost still a key concern, with the popularity of exchange-traded funds growing, and with incumbents...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 07 Jul 2014


Opening Cross: Declare Your Independence from Traditional Data Uses

While the majority of Inside Market Data’s coverage has traditionally centered around the use of data to directly support trading activities—such as the transmission of prices via datafeeds or terminal displays to traders and trading applications—and...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 07 Jul 2014


IEX Mulls Public Exchange Options

IEX, the start-up trading venue founded by former RBC trader, Brad Katsuyama, wants to institutionalize fairness and curb predatory trading by eliminating the speed advantage that high-frequency trading (HFT) firms have over smaller institutional investors,...

Sell-Side Technology | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 04 Jul 2014


Barclays Africa Goes Live on EquiLend

Johannesburg-based Absa Bank, a subsidiary of Barclays Africa, has become South Africa’s first domestic bank to execute a securities finance trade on the EquiLend trading platform. The move marks a progression toward the automation of Absa’s trading...

Sell-Side Technology | News | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 04 Jul 2014

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