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Industry Issues & Initiatives

Industry Issues & Initiatives

Waters Technology’s extensive coverage of Industry Issues & Initiatives features expert analysis, news, opinion, interviews & special reports on the business issues facing professionals across the financial market IT, trading technology and data landscape.

Industry Issues & Initiatives News, Commentary & Analysis from Waters Technology


Opening Cross: In Data, as in Baseball, a Great Captain Unites His Team

Whether you’re a Yankee or Red Sox supporter, you have to take your hat off to Yankees captain Derek Jeter: in his last game at Yankee Stadium, he not only made a respectful exit in front of a sold-out crowd of home fans, but also saved the day with...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 26 Sep 2014


James Rundle: Off the Record

The willingness of the financial services industry to publicly discuss topics that were once taboo is encouraging, James says, but more needs to be done to guard against severe risks.

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 26 Sep 2014


Tim Bourgaize Murray: Where You’re Going; Where You’ve Come From

After a summer’s worth of speaking with boutique fund executives, Tim reflects on what must be the most diverse financial services market segment, having learned that small doesn’t always mean simple.

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 26 Sep 2014


Michael Shashoua: Simplicity and Security

As efforts to simplify and coordinate golden copy data continue, and data security directives take effect, the interdependence of data operations and data governance becomes clear. Michael looks at how changes to one aspect of data management may affect...

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 26 Sep 2014


Max Bowie: Wherefore Art Thou, Transparency?

In the wake of the financial crisis, regulators and market participants have focused on making illiquid assets and imperfect market structures more transparent. But the market for data to support that transparency is somewhat less transparent. So if data...

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 26 Sep 2014


UTP to Decide SIP Processor in Oct., After Renewing Nasdaq as SIP Administrator

The UTP Operating Committee, the industry body that oversees the operation of the US consolidated feed of quote and trade data on Tape C Nasdaq-listed stocks, will appoint a new tape processor next month, after selecting Nasdaq OMX as administrator of...

Inside Market Data | News | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 25 Sep 2014


October 2014: The Brutal ‘Logic’ of Consumer Behavior

What does it take for a financial technology vendor to win a contract? Victor says that sometimes it's a simple as showing up on time and meeting deadlines.

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 25 Sep 2014


Opening Cross: The Challenge of Achieving True Data Transparency

Transparency has been a focus for regulators and market participants in the wake of the financial crisis as they try to combat the potential impact of illiquid assets and imperfect market structures. And transparency—albeit of a different sort—was...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 19 Sep 2014


CalPERS' Hedge Fund Gambit and a Changing Tech Mindset

Recent news that one of America's largest pension managers, CalPERS, is quitting hedge funds was interesting for both its publicity and contrarian stance. How, Tim asks, might technology play into such a move?

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 19 Sep 2014


EFIS 2014: Hanna Urges Exchange Contract Standardization

To simplify and standardize the growing number and complexity of exchange data contracts and policies, exchanges should form an independent industry group to standardize contract terms and language, and how exchanges enforce their contract terms, Rafah...

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 18 Sep 2014

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