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Industry Issues & Initiatives

Industry Issues & Initiatives

Waters Technology’s extensive coverage of Industry Issues & Initiatives features expert analysis, news, opinion, interviews & special reports on the business issues facing professionals across the financial market IT, trading technology and data landscape.

Industry Issues & Initiatives News, Commentary & Analysis from Waters Technology


Tim Bourgaize Murray: In Search of Spanish Treasure

Bad banks have gained preference in recent years both as a way to unwind toxic assets and as entities for buy-side firms to invest in. With each opportunity, the industry has sorted and implemented these mechanisms faster and faster—often with outsourced...

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 27 Jun 2014


James Rundle: How the West Was Won

In most asset classes, electronic trading is beginning to win the day for regulators. James looks at how e-trading encourages oversight, as well as innovation.

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 27 Jun 2014


Fixed Income's Dead? Long Live Its Technology

SEC Commissioner Mary Jo White hinted last Friday that fixed income might be the next technology rabbit hole the Commission jumps down. That seems like good news for the buy side—but is it?

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Regulation & Standards | 27 Jun 2014


In Spain, Technology Charts 'Bad Bank' Path

The European ‘bad bank’ model has become one of global finance’s more ubiquitous contrivances, addressing a scourge of toxic assets that more and more markets find themselves coping with. Tim Bourgaize Murray examines the Spanish real estate market—and...

Waters | Feature | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 27 Jun 2014


JSE Begins FISD Certification Rollout to Data Staff

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange had its first market data staff take industry association FISD's Financial Information Associate (FIA) professional certification this month, and plans to make the program a prerequisite for its senior and client-facing...

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 26 Jun 2014


Swap Futures Special Report

May 2014 ─ sponsored exclusively by Equinix.

Waters | Special | Trading Technologies and Strategies | 26 Jun 2014


Data Management Special Report

June 2014 ─ sponsored by Eagle Investment Systems, ClusterSeven, and Xenomorph.

Waters | Special | Data Management | 26 Jun 2014


Tech as Glue for, Not Replacement of, Business Processes

When it comes to automating back-office business processes for the benefit of the operations team, Diana Merenda, MD of consultant Client Lifecycle Solutions, said on a panel at the TSAM conference that technology is merely the glue that holds together...

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 26 Jun 2014


The Cyber Security Lost Cause

There are a number of partial defenses against cyber-attacks, including software and organizational training and preparation, and it is imperative that any business, especially financial services firms, adopt them to avoid becoming an easy target. But...

Waters | Feature | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 23 Jun 2014


Opening Cross: What’s the Most Important Tool in Your Box?

The most useful article in my toolbox isn’t a wrench or a multi-tool: it’s a magic potion originally invented to support the space program, known today simply as WD40. Though its inventors may not have envisaged it becoming a household name, the spray...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 20 Jun 2014

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