Performance and Attribution

August 2016: Telling the Difference Between Skill and Luck

The difference between skill and luck came under the spotlight after the golden period of the mid-2000's when asset managers produced-double returns. Transparency into how assets are managed is the best way to differentiate the two.

Gliding Down: Pensions Seek to Match Tech to LDI Strategies

After fits and starts, defined-benefit corporate pension plans on both sides of the Atlantic are now in steady pursuit of liability-driven investment strategies that more closely align future responsibilities and current assets. This has had a meaningful…

PBOR: The need for a single source of performance data

Without a consistent source of data and limited functionalities in existing systems, firms are unable to perform tasks that are becoming increasingly important in the investment management industry. To gain a competitive advantage in today’s market, it…

OneVue Joins Calastone Network

Australian fund manager OneVue has joined Calastone’s global funds transaction network to automate fund transactions previously communicated by fax.