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Risk Management

Risk Management

Waters Technology’s extensive coverage of Risk Management features expert analysis, news, opinion, interviews & special reports on the business issues facing professionals across the financial market IT, trading technology and data landscape.

Risk Management News, Commentary & Analysis from Waters Technology

The sun sets over San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge

Calypso Unveils DTCC Interface to Support EMIR Reporting

San Francisco-based Calypso Technology has released an interface to the Depository Trust and Clearing Corp’s (DTCCs) Global Trade Repository (GTR) service, a repository holding global OTC derivatives transaction data, to assist firms with their European...

Sell-Side Technology | News | Regulation & Standards | 03 Feb 2014


In Every Challenge Lies an Opportunity

Ongoing problems with the management of counterparty risk create opportunities for data and technology vendors to innovate and expand their services

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Risk Management | 31 Jan 2014


TradeGuard is Nasdaq's New Risk Management Product

Nasdaq OMX has expanded and rebranded its risk management solution, FTEN, now known as TradeGuard.

Sell-Side Technology | News | Risk Management | 29 Jan 2014


Bureau van Dijk Addresses Counterparty, Supplier Risk

The vendor of company data will blend users' data with its own data and display the results on bespoke dashboards to help financial firms understand their counterparty and supplier risk

Inside Reference Data | News | Risk Management | 29 Jan 2014


Spreadsheets Still Rule, But for How Long?

Automation is good, but comfort can sometimes prove better. Anthony questions why Excel spreadsheets are still so prevalent on the buy side, especially at new firms that can choose their own path with new, advanced data management tools.

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Risk Management | 24 Jan 2014


Kaminski: Risk Management Investment Must Go Beyond IT

While Wall Street firms have recently thrown money into their risk management systems, that is likely a short-term trend, says Vincent Kaminski. This makes it all the more necessary for asset managers to invest in analysts and give them the ear of the...

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Risk Management | 23 Jan 2014


Numerix Integrates CrossAsset with Matlab Environment

Analytics provider Numerix has announced that its CrossAsset Integration Layer is now fully operable within the Matlab environment, a programming language developed by MathWorks.

Buy-Side Technology | News | Risk Management | 22 Jan 2014


James Rundle: Imperfect Solutions

Most Western exchanges have implemented safety measures to mitigate share-price swings, but others are beginning to experience the algorithmic troubles that brought trading firms to their knees in recent years. Kill switches and circuit breakers don’t...

Waters | Opinion | Risk Management | 08 Jan 2014


2013's Trading Technology: A Year of 'Accelerating Returns'

Readers of Waters' ongoing coverage will have noticed several themes that blossomed over the past 12 months. Some of them were predictable. But 2013 also offered up more than a few unexpected hints of opportunities to come—whether imminently, or further...

Waters | Analysis | Algorithmic Trading | 27 Dec 2013


Increasingly Multi-Asset, City Financial Taps SunGard for Risk

The London-based investment manager, which distributes 14 different funds and is eyeing further acquisitions, has installed SunGard's APT solution for risk analysis and reporting, covering position- and portfolio-level information across its multiple...

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Risk Management | 18 Dec 2013

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