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A Legend Returns—But to a Different World

This week, Michael Bloomberg's officially-announced return to the company bearing his name surprised many. Welcoming him back, Tim says, is easy — the difference he'll make requires a little imagination.

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | People | 05 Sep 2014


Doctoroff to Depart Bloomberg at Year-End

Bloomberg president and chief executive Dan Doctoroff is to leave the data giant at the end of this year, to be replaced by his predecessor, Bloomberg founder Michael Bloomberg, officials announced Sept. 3.

Inside Market Data | News | People | 04 Sep 2014


Doctoroff Stepping Aside as Bloomberg Rejoins

Michael Bloomberg will resume the post of CEO at the eponymous company he founded in 1981, having finished his term as mayor of New York City.

Sell-Side Technology | News | People | 04 Sep 2014


Corlito's Way: BTG Pactual COO Dayna Corlito

Thousands of miles from Copacabana Beach, BTG Pactual is doing things a once-small banking partnership from an emerging market shouldn’t be able to—managing a diverse group of admired hedge funds. Yes, the firm’s successful foray into asset management...

Waters | Feature | People | 03 Sep 2014


Kilburn's Comment: Fear is What Keeps Us on the Plateau

As anyone who has tried to get in shape will know, there comes a point in any exercise regime when our bodies start to get used to whatever form of exercise (or torture) we are subjecting it to. Those ten pushups that left you sweating and shaking and...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 22 Aug 2014


SunGard MarketMap to Focus on 'Unique Content'

SunGard MarketMap, the market data arm of technology giant SunGard, is embarking on a new initiative to build out unique and proprietary content sets that leverage other areas of SunGard's business, in a bid to better differentiate itself from competitors'...

Inside Market Data | News | Content Focus | 20 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Portfolio Management System Provider — Bloomberg

For the second consecutive year, Bloomberg AIM has been recognized as the best portfolio management system by Waters’ readership, following on the heels of its win in last year’s Buy-Side Technology Awards for the best integrated front-office platform....

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Sell-Side OMS Provider — Bloomberg

For the fifth year in a row, Bloomberg’s Trade Order Management Solutions (TOMS) has won the Waters Rankings award for best sell-side OMS. The platform, which provides fixed-income cash and derivatives trading firms with a multitude of tools to manage...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014 Winners’ Circle: Bloomberg

In this year’s Waters Rankings, Bloomberg won three categories—best sell-side OMS provider, best portfolio management system provider, and best EDM system provider. James Rundle speaks to the heads of those three business units about their technologies,...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Bloomberg Touts New Toronto Ticker

Bloomberg has gone live with a new ticker plant in Toronto, to provide financial firms with faster access to data captured from Canadian exchanges, reducing latency by 71 percent compared to its previous offering.

Inside Market Data | News | Data Delivery Technologies | 30 Jul 2014

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