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Chi-X Canada on IPC's Connexus

Members on the connectivity provider's Connexus Extranet service can now access Chi-X Canada's automated trading system, as well as its recently-launched CX2 platform for small to mid-tier brokers and retail investors.

Sell-Side Technology | News | Connectivity & Networks | 30 Sep 2013


SS&C Joins IPC Connexus

IPC has announced that SS&C Technologies has joined its Connexus financial extranet service.

Buy-Side Technology | News | Connectivity & Networks | 13 Aug 2013


SS&C Technologies Joins IPC's Extranet

SS&C, which produces FIXLink, MarketCenter, and the MarketTrader OEMS among other applications, will use the extranet to transact, receive, and distribute information through an open ecosystem.

Buy-Side Technology | News | Connectivity & Networks | 12 Aug 2013


Waters Rankings 2013: Michael Speranza, IPC Systems

Michael Speranza is the senior vice president of project management and marketing at IPC Systems.

Waters | Interview | Awards & Rankings | 31 Jul 2013 | video


Waters Rankings 2013: Best Trading Floor Communication System Provider — IPC Systems

Having won this category in the Waters Rankings for six out of seven years, from when it focused purely on turrets through to its expansion to include unified communications systems, IPC has once again proven itself a force to be reckoned with.

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 26 Jul 2013


Waters Rankings 2013: Best Network Provider — IPC Systems

Networks are an increasingly vital part of the global capital markets ecosystem, linking buyers and sellers, providing liquidity, and reducing technology strain across the industry. Many claim to have localized networks in datacenters, private cloud networks...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 26 Jul 2013


Waters Rankings 2013: Winners' Circle — Building Bridges

IPC Systems’ dominance in the Waters Rankings has continued this year, with the company taking first place in the Best Trading Communication System Provider and Best Network Provider categories. Simon Jones, director of product marketing at IPC, explains...

Waters | Interview | Awards & Rankings | 26 Jul 2013


Gulf Continues to Exist Between IT and Traders, Says IPC Poll

It is a frequent complaint that IT departments do not understand the needs of the business. Much rarer is when that complaint comes from the IT department itself.

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 25 Jun 2013


Opening Cross: Worried About Event Latency? Slow Down and Take the Scenic Route

Ever been stuck behind someone who barged in front of you, only to then move at a much slower pace and hold everyone up? Perhaps it’s the slowpoke in the overtaking lane, or the old lady who elbows you aside on the subway stairs then shuffles down,...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 17 Jun 2013


IPC Fuels ‘Cockpit' for Takeoff, Adds Analytics for Text, Voice, Video

Network and trading turret provider IPC is building out functionality to enable traders to monitor television broadcasts in real-time, a sentiment feed to aggregate sentiment on a stock across various communications platforms, and an application to allow...

Inside Market Data | News | Data Display & Analytics | 14 Jun 2013

NOW OPEN -- Inside Market Data Awards 2014

For more details...

Call-for-entry and voting are now open for the 12th annual Inside Market Data Awards 2014, which take place in New York on May 21. For more details of the criteria across the call-for-entry and voting categories that recognize industry excellence within market data and reference data click here.


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