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Olympian Capital Management

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A Year in Profiles

Anthony takes a look back at the individuals who were profiled in the pages of Waters magazine from 2012.

Waters | Analysis | People | 31 Dec 2012


Multi-Asset Platforms Are Efficient, But Don't Force It

As various asset classes sprung to life over the years, the trading desks that handled them often blossomed independently. Futures, options, equities, bonds, and the like became robust, yet siloed, at the big banks. Separate trading systems evolved to...

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Trading Technologies and Strategies | 07 Dec 2012


Credit Suisse's Muthu: Multi-Asset Platforms Good For IT, Not Necessarily Revenue

The bottom line at any financial institution is always the bottom line, as in the dollars and cents. As he wrapped up a panel discussion on the consolidation of trading desks and multi-asset class strategies, it was appropriate that moderator Greg Wood,...

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 03 Dec 2012


Risk's Regulatory Whirlwind

Regulatory uncertainty once again dominated discussions during a recent risk and compliance webcast, with the main concern relating to how much time firms will have to make necessary changes to their risk strategies. By Steve Dew-Jones

Waters | Analysis | Risk Management | 26 Nov 2012


Risk and Compliance webcast

Waters gathered leading industry experts for a webcast on November 8, 2012 to discuss how firms are working towards a tightening of risk management frameworks to deliver near-real-time, enterprise-wide risk views

Waters | Web Seminar | Risk Management | 12 Nov 2012 | audio


Olympian Capital Management's Renaissance

After Michael Levas started Olympian Capital Management from his kitchen table in Fort Lauderdale back in 2003, he found that in order to turn the firm into the hedge fund of his dreams he would have to find the right partner. Enter Arun Kaul. By Anthony...

Waters | Feature | People | 09 Jan 2012


A Case Study in Vendor Evolution

Anthony takes a look at why Olympian Capital chose to buy its new multi-asset trading platform rather than build it in-house.

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Buy-Side Operations | 16 Dec 2011


Exclusive: An Exchange Exclusively for High-Frequency Traders?

High-frequency trading has been discussed, berated and defended ad infinitum, and the traders who employ the practice have been called innovative on one hand, and on the other have been compared to piranhas circling their prey—bits and pieces of block...

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Exchanges | 06 Oct 2011


New Perspective: Buy Side Invests in Consolidated Platforms, Common Data

In an effort to streamline the flow of data and processes across an organization to help with increased regulatory and client transparency demands, BlackRock and others are making significant investments in the consolidation of their multi-asset platforms....

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Buy-Side Operations | 06 Oct 2011


IMD Chicago 2011: Users: Centralizing Data Management Cuts Costs

In an effort to manage and reduce costs, firms are increasingly centralizing their data management and procurement functions in the face of more stringent reporting requirements, both for regulatory compliance as well as data usage reporting to vendors...

Inside Market Data | News | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 19 Sep 2011

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