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ISITC US to Lay Out ISO 20022 Industry Benefits

ISITC US clarifying business case for corporate actions ISO 20022 migration

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 13 Jul 2011


EDM Council's Bennett Joins OMG

The OMG and EDM Council resume their joint efforts in the standardization space

Inside Reference Data | News | People | 30 Jun 2011


Corp Actions Timeliness Must Regain Focus While Asia-Pac Players Await Standards Change

While many firms in the Asia-Pac region wait for the industry to resolve the standardization question in the corporate actions space, the timeliness challenge must not be forgotten

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 09 May 2011


Tine Thoresen: Are We in ‘Postfach’ Now?

If it is true that you burn around 13 calories from laughing for 10 minutes, I think my data friends in Zurich will, if possible, be even fitter after I visited them this month. And it’s all because of business entity data. Since there is a lack...

Waters | Opinion | Regulation & Standards | 02 May 2011


Corporate Actions: Past, Present and Future

Collaborative efforts have helped facilitate much needed change in corporate actions processing, but there are still a number of challenges that need to be addressed, says corporate actions expert David Hands

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Corporate Actions | 07 Apr 2011


Looking Back on Legal Entity Identification

As developments on legal entity identification take centre stage in the reference data space, industry experts look back to evaluate what has really changed, and whether now is the time to overcome what through the years has become one of the most discussed...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 08 Feb 2011


ISITC's Probert on the 2011 Strategy

As the push for collaboration grows, industry associations are increasingly in the spotlight to bring market participants together and improve interoperability between standards. Carla Mangado speaks to ISITC’s US Gary Probert on how 2010 may have seen...

Inside Reference Data | Interview | Regulation & Standards | 12 Jan 2011


Panel: Greater Regulatory Awareness Needed for Firms to Respond to Data Challenges

While firms are trying not to fall behind when it comes to regulatory change, they must also ensure the more traditional data challenges in the process do not suffer from a lack of attention

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 12 Jan 2011


The Bucket List for Reference Data

In the spirit of list-making for the holiday season, I started reading about bucket lists-lists for actors to marry, mountains to climb, and dances to learn. But in the reference data industry, there are a few more unique things that could be added to...

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Data Management | 07 Dec 2010


Get Ready for Universal Entity Identification

With increased pressure from regulators and growing focus on standardization, now seems to be the ideal time for the market to agree on a universal business entity identifier. The industry debate has moved from creation to implementation, and the challenges...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Business Entity Data | 07 Dec 2010

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