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Anthony Malakian: An Offer Technologists Can’t Refuse

Anthony says the business should drive new systems and software implementations. Technologists need to have an ear in the room and serve as advisors, but they shouldn’t be steering the decision-making process.

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 30 May 2014


European Firms Grapple with Algo-Tagging Rules

Although the flagging and tagging of algorithms is only currently required in Germany, under the German HFT Act, it is slowly making its way into Pan-European law. Marina Daras looks at the German rule to see how the algo labeling requirement under Mifir...

Waters | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 30 May 2014


SROs Deploy Advanced Tech to Keep Up with Members

Self-regulatory organizations can’t tap into company profits like banks, nor can they rely on taxpayer funding like government regulators. Still, using only membership dues, they must carry out their registration and surveillance functions of national...

Waters | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 29 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Sell-Side Trading Network — SunGard

Nobody has put their imprint on the two-year-old Sell-Side Technology Awards like SunGard. With so many types of technology on offer, SunGard has won more categories than anyone else—four—including the granddaddy prize of best sell-side technology...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 06 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Sell-Side Credit Risk Product — Numerix

Following a pair of 2013 Sell-Side Technology Awards wins for its CrossAsset credit risk platform, including sell-side product of the year, Numerix is back in the same position one year later—perched on top. But unlike the firm’s continued success...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 06 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Sell-Side Automated Trading Platform — smartTrade Technologies

As the foreign-exchange (FX) market becomes increasingly automated and sophisticated, smartTrade Technologies has been carving out a niche for itself, while also making inroads into the lucrative fixed-income market. These efforts have led to the vendor...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 06 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Sell-Side Trading Communication System — IPC

Having produced over half the world’s trading turrets, IPC is synonymous with communication technology in the financial sector. Between Alliance MX and Unigy, its two primary offerings, it claims installation at 2,600 sites with 118,000 users. More...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 06 May 2014


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Sell-Side Market Risk Product — OpenGamma

Great outcomes are sometimes born of the unexpected. That truism is arguably more pertinent to OpenGamma, and its Platform for Margining offering—this year’s market risk award recipient—than any other category winner in this year’s Sell-Side Technology...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 06 May 2014 | video


Sell-Side Technology Awards 2014: Best Sell-Side Technology Provider of the Year — Markit

The technology provider of the year is traditionally the final category of both the Sell-Side Technology Awards and the Buy-Side Technology Awards, and is the second of only two awards announced at the dinner, decided by the Waters journalists. All of...

Waters | Analysis | Awards & Rankings | 06 May 2014


Credit's IT Crunch

Credit teams face tremendous operational stress on both sides of the Street, while new kinds of data governance schema and advanced analytics are popping up, helping them to cope. A quartet of buy-side and sell-side technologists give their take on where...

Waters | Feature | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 06 May 2014

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