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Corlito's Way: BTG Pactual COO Dayna Corlito

Thousands of miles from Copacabana Beach, BTG Pactual is doing things a once-small banking partnership from an emerging market shouldn’t be able to—managing a diverse group of admired hedge funds. Yes, the firm’s successful foray into asset management...

Waters | Feature | People | 03 Sep 2014


Michael Shashoua: Figures, Guts and Glory

Diving deep into fantasy football yields insights on the need to balance strict adherence to quantitative data with room for interpretation and inclusion of qualitative information. Michael shares some examples from the football world and how they apply...

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 01 Sep 2014


Max Bowie: Are You Getting the Message?

Instant messaging conversations to share information and negotiate trades are a staple of the modern trader’s workflow. But with recent events leaving market participants wary of messaging platforms, Max wonders whether firms examining new initiatives,...

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 01 Sep 2014


James Rundle: Reporting for Duty

While Europe is forging ahead with its new reporting requirements, James says that problems with the basic elements are rendering it unfit for purpose.

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 01 Sep 2014


September 2014: Change Is the Only Constant

Machine learning and artificial intelligences are reshaping algorithms into adaptive programs that can adjust on the fly, which Victor says could end up all but eradicating losses.

Waters | Opinion | Algorithmic Trading | 01 Sep 2014


Dark Pools in the Firing Line

As the New York attorney general, the SEC and Finra set their sights on dark pool trading, larger market structure issues are coming to the fore that will force institutional traders to reexamine how they seek out liquidity. By Anthony Malakian

Waters | Feature | High Frequency Trading | 01 Sep 2014


Firms Eye Disaster Recovery Amid Increasingly Interconnected Markets

After the recent cyber-attack against the European Central Bank, the financial industry is taking another look at business continuity and resilience. As the marketplace grows in complexity and participants become increasingly interconnected, disaster...

Waters | Feature | Business Continuity & Outsourcing | 29 Aug 2014


Ghost in the Shell: AI Expands Beyond Algos

As market movements become faster and more complex, it is impossible for humans to react quickly enough to those changes, requiring machines to step in. Now, artificial intelligence is extending its reach beyond algorithms, permeating other aspects of...

Waters | Feature | Algorithmic Trading | 28 Aug 2014


James Rundle: Rise of the Machines

While it’s popular to think of artificial intelligence as the harbinger of doom for humanity, James says AI has definite, critical applications for modern financial technology.

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 04 Aug 2014


Leaving Room at the Start-Up Pond’s Edge

Can financial technology start-ups benefit from the Silicon Valley ethos, or are funding and mentoring programs modeled after other technology verticals more window dressing than the real deal? Tim Bourgaize Murray reflects on the nature of help in a...

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 04 Aug 2014

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