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Waters Rankings 2014: Best Reference Data Provider — Thomson Reuters

For three years in a row, Waters’ readers have chosen Thomson Reuters’ reference data over Bloomberg, the Rankings’ previous winner. An originator, consolidator and redistributor of security and financial instrument data, Thomson Reuters provides...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Corporate Actions Solution Provider — Thomson Reuters

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp.’s (DTCC’s) corporate actions solution has won this category for the past three years, including last year after it had been bought by Markit. But for this year, the torch has been passed to Thomson Reuters with...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Low-Latency Data Feed Provider — Thomson Reuters

Make it five wins in a row for Thomson Reuters and Elektron Real Time in the best low-latency data feed provider category, and the third consecutive year that the data giant has captured both this and the best reference data provider awards.

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Data Analytics Provider — S&P Capital IQ

Created in 2010 from the merger of the research, analytic and strategic capabilities of Standard & Poor’s and Capital IQ, S&P Capital IQ has established itself to such an extent in its relatively short life that this year it becomes the first ever recipient...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Market Risk Solution Provider — SunGard

While credit risk has rightfully gained its share of the risk management spotlight after the implementation of Basel III and also in the wake of the global financial crisis, where so many well-established and previously blemish-free financial institutions...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best AML Compliance Solution Provider — NICE Actimize

If anyone had any doubt whatsoever about the need to have an effective anti-money laundering (AML) compliance regime in place, the past few years will have put that to rest. One need look no further than three recent examples where financial services...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Complex Event Processing Solution Provider — Software AG

Few names are as synonymous with a single technology as Apama has become with complex-event processing (CEP). From its beginnings in 1999, the platform has changed hands over the years, most recently passing into the control of German giant Software AG,...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Credit Risk Solution Provider — Numerix

A strong reputation among Waters readers is built on a mix of attributes, both established and new, and for 2014 this mix perfectly describes yet another win for New York-based risk management specialist Numerix in the best credit risk solution provider...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Market Surveillance Provider — Nasdaq OMX

Given the complexity of modern markets and the penalties for regulatory infractions, it’s impossible to ignore the need for a competent market surveillance system. Just going through the motions won’t work, however, and the need for sophisticated,...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014


Waters Rankings 2014: Best Reporting System Provider — Eze Software Group

There is little doubt that since the global financial crisis of 2008, capital markets firms, both on the sell side and the buy side, have been scrutinizing their vendor relationships, not only with the view to consolidating functionality and minimizing...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 01 Aug 2014

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