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IBOR: No Walk in the Park

The investment book of record (IBOR) phenomenon currently sweeping the buy side shows no sign of slowing down, as asset managers on both sides of the Atlantic...

Waters | Feature | Buy-Side Operations | 04 Aug 2014


Investment Book of Record ─ Webcast

On June 26, Waters hosted a webcast to discuss one of the most pressing and important technological developments on the buy side in recent memory ─ the development of an investment book of record (IBOR) system.

Buy-Side Technology | Web Seminar | Data Management | 11 Jul 2014 | video


New Approaches to Sourcing, Managing Corporate Actions Data -- Webcast

On July 8, Inside Reference Data hosted a webcast about how financial firms can make the sourcing and processing of corporate actions data more efficient and effective by adopting new approaches, such as the use of a data utility

Inside Reference Data | Web Seminar | Corporate Actions | 09 Jul 2014


Transparency Becomes Greater Concern In Evaluated Pricing

In a June 4 webcast about transparent pricing, experts in the field explained the different types of information vendors are being asked to provide for due diligence, accounting disclosures and daily price challenges, writes Nicholas Hamilton

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 03 Jul 2014


Data Management Demands of Stress Tests and Standards ─ Webcast

On June 24, Inside Reference Data hosted a webcast about the changes firms must make to comply with the BCBS 239 risk data aggregation and reporting principles, the CCAR and FDSF stress testing programs and the COREP and FINREP reporting frameworks

Inside Reference Data | Web Seminar | Regulation & Standards | 26 Jun 2014


Fatca Drives Data Operations Changes

As a July 1 deadline approaches, it's become evident that the US Fatca tax withholding regulation has driven big changes in data collection and reporting, as the industry works to comply with the new tax withholding rules. Michael Shashoua reports on...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 06 Jun 2014


Transparent Pricing for Accounting Disclosures, Due Diligence, Price Challenges -- Webcast

On June 4, Inside Reference Data hosted a webcast about delivering transparent pricing, during which four industry experts discussed due diligence requirements, the impact of accounting standards and the daily price challenge process

Inside Reference Data | Web Seminar | Pricing & Valuations | 05 Jun 2014


Rising Demand For Enterprise Data Management

As firms look for the most efficient way to get an EDM project up and running, managed services are becoming an attractive option. However, some practitioners are reluctant to adopt the model due to concerns about data security. Nicholas Hamilton reports...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Data Management | 03 Jun 2014


Fatca: Crunch Time -- Webcast

On May 28, Inside Reference Data hosted a webcast about US Fatca tax withholding regulation, in which four experts in the field discussed industry readiness for an impending July 1 deadline

Inside Reference Data | Web Seminar | Regulation & Standards | 29 May 2014


Adopting principles for effective risk data aggregation and internal risk reporting practices -- Webcast

On May 15, Inside Reference Data hosted a webcast about risk data aggregation and internal reporting practices, in which four experts in the field discussed the role of regulatory requirements and challenges for data management

Inside Reference Data | Web Seminar | Data Management | 19 May 2014

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