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LEI's Next Steps

OpenCorporates’ Chris Taggart launched OpenLEIs.com to promote collective action on administering the legal entity identifier. He shares the lessons learned from this venture and offers his views on how the industry should focus its efforts

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Regulation & Standards | 07 Jan 2014


The Perils of Data Outsourcing

Dublin-based consultant Michael McMorrow finds lessons for the financial industry in a consumer purchase data security scandal close to home

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Data Management | 03 Dec 2013


Evaluating Major Banks’, DTCC’s Client Entity Data Platform

Major global firms are working with DTCC to plan a client entity platform. Rule Financial's Elspeth Goodchild evaluates their initiative and identifies the challenges they face

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Data Management | 21 Oct 2013


The Rise of the Multi-Firm Financial Data Utility

GoldenSource's Stephen Engdahl sets out a blueprint for a reference data utility that would operate as a shared data service, improve data quality and reduce costs and risks

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Data Management | 01 Oct 2013


XBRL's Fatca Benefits

The US foreign tax law creates a high volume and complexity of data needed for compliance. Frederic Chapus, of shareholder documents and communications company RR Donnelley, calls Belgium’s use of the XBRL standard a useful example of what to do

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Data Management | 06 Sep 2013


Managing Data For Efficiency and Cost

Fidelity ActionsXchange’s Deborah Culhane describes the benefits of a data-centric approach to regulatory compliance, and advises on how to evaluate the sustainability of outsourcing for data services

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Data Management | 05 Aug 2013


Fatca Meets Metadata

Citisoft chief executive Steve Young proposes a metadata repository as a destination for data collected from various sources to be channeled into efforts to comply with the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Data Management | 02 Jul 2013


Placing Proper Weight on Pricing

Independent verification of derivatives pricing is necessary to stand up to increased regulatory scrutiny, writes HSBC product manager Anthony O'Connor

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Pricing & Valuations | 31 May 2013


The Value of Data's Heritage

Expertise in data archiving to make the most of historic data is a valuable quality that shouldn't be overlooked, writes Paul Sinclair of Exact Consultancy

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Data Management | 07 May 2013


Getting Ready To Meet The CICI Deadlines

Two important dates for adopting the US precursor to the legal entity identifier will soon be here. JP Morgan's Robin Doyle presents the steps firms need to take in response

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Regulation & Standards | 27 Mar 2013

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