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WatersTechnology is a multi-channel business intelligence platform with daily analysis and news to enable businesses to deliver better strategies with more efficiency than before.

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Is the Low-Latency Race a Zero Sum Game?

Financial services firms will always strive to be faster and more efficient. But increasingly, the cost and risk of this evolutionary drive are proving...

Waters | Feature | Latency | 01 Oct 2013


Capital Markets to Embrace Microwaves for Data Feeds

Aviat Networks, a wireless hardware and service lifecycle provider, signed up its first financial customer in late 2010. Business began picking up near the end of 2012 and into 2013. Aviat’s experience echoes that of others in the wireless industry,...

Waters | Feature | Connectivity & Networks | 16 Aug 2013


On the Record: Precision Engineer

As high-frequency trading took off, requiring ever-faster data distribution, latency monitoring and measurement emerged as a key part of trading firms' infrastructure strategies, and a competitive market for monitoring tools quickly sprung up. But while...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Latency | 09 Aug 2013


On the Record: Mercado Keeps it ‘Simple'

Emilio Mercado has spent the bulk of his career working for market data vendors. Now, he's working for himself, running his own vendor, Simplified Financial Information, and aiming to simplify how firms manage market data usage and infrastructure, when...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Data Administration | 31 Jul 2013


New 'Agora' Enables Shift in Quants' Roles

Flush with financial engineering knowledge as never before, firms are deploying quants to tackle new challenges. Tim Bourgaize Murray reports on a fresh discourse among them about technology—including communication, memory, and intuition—indicating...

Waters | Feature | Risk Management | 22 Feb 2013


No Easy FIX: Brokers Eye Outsourcing FIX Connections

FIX costs have long been a thorn in the side of more than a few brokers. While many still insist on managing their FIX connectivity internally, others have chosen to outsource this service to third-party providers. The question remains: Is the benefit...

Waters | Feature | Connectivity & Networks | 31 Jan 2013


Latency Race Going Nowhere Fast

Open-outcry exchanges are now largely extinct, with most trading executed through global computer networks. The rate of these transactions is limited only by technology and, increasingly, the speed of light. But as latency reaches the point of diminishing...

Waters | Feature | Latency | 29 Nov 2011


The Birth of Managed Services 2.0

American literary icon Mark Twain supposedly said that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme. The financial services industry is experiencing the latest rhyme, as cloud computing returns to the industry at a level of managed services not...

Waters | Feature | Hosting & Co-location | 06 Jul 2011


On the Record with Xignite CEO Stephane Dubois: The Principles of Supply and On-Demand

Just as on-demand computing is gaining traction on Wall Street, driving cloud adoption, the financial markets are also identifying opportunities to utilize on-demand market data for non-trading applications. Inside Market Data talks to Stephane Dubois,...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Organization & Management | 09 May 2011


Prime Targets: Do Firewalls Go Far Enough?

About a year ago, investment banking firm Greenhill & Co. found that “port blocking” firewalls on its system and the hypertext transfer protocol secure (https) standard were no longer sufficient for protecting its trading communications. Applications...

Waters | Feature | Connectivity & Networks | 02 May 2011

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