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Transparency Becomes Greater Concern In Evaluated Pricing

In a June 4 webcast about transparent pricing, experts in the field explained the different types of information vendors are being asked to provide for...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 03 Jul 2014


A Transparent View of Pricing

As transparency becomes a key requirement in the pricing and valuations space, financial firms have many questions for their vendors about input data, market color and pricing methodologies, writes Nicholas Hamilton

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 06 Dec 2013


Evaluation Stand-Outs

Regulatory demands push evaluated pricing providers to reveal more details of how they produce the data they have on offer. Max Bowie hears how end-users of data are collaborating closer with the providers as a result

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 27 Nov 2013


Easing the Evaluated Prices Regulation Burden

During an Inside Reference Data webcast, panelists discussed the steps that have been taken to improve confidence in evaluated prices and what pricing vendors can do to ease the regulatory burden on their customers, writes Nicholas Hamilton

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 03 Apr 2013


Insights Into Prices

During an Inside Reference Data webcast on September 11, 2012 about prices and valuations, industry experts explained the changes they are making to achieve new levels of transparency and how industry developments are impacting them, writes Nicholas Hamilton...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 08 Oct 2012


Transparent Demands

Data management strategies and provider choices are a prime concern for firms trying to achieve transparency in their pricing data, at regulators’ urging. Michael Shashoua looks for where the work will need to occur in the industry

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 31 Aug 2012


Submitted For Their Approval

Financial firms are looking for more transparency from providers of pricing and valuations, particularly on sourcing of data. Michael Shashoua analyzes the factors influencing how data is obtained and managed

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 01 Aug 2012


Shining a Light on Evaluated Pricing

Technology is providing more transparency into calculation within pricing models. Nicholas Hamilton reports on how financial firms are deriving benefits as a result

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 11 May 2012

Evaluated Prices: The Data Challenge

The demand for evaluated pricing services has continued to increase in recent years, and data vendors have jumped on the bandwagon to expand coverage and services. Inside Reference Data gathered a panel of leading industry experts to discuss the operational...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 06 Oct 2011


What Price, Data?

At the Paris Financial Information Summit earlier this year—organized by Inside Reference Data and Inside Market Data—panelists identified three main challenges that face evaluated prices in emerging markets: accessibility, the availability of data...

Waters | Feature | Pricing & Valuations | 06 Sep 2011

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