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WatersTechnology is a multi-channel business intelligence platform with daily analysis and news to enable businesses to deliver better strategies with more efficiency than before.

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South Africa: Bigger, Better, Faster?

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is moving its trading engine from London to South Africa in July, with the aim of increasing its matching speeds, and by so doing, enhancing the overall trading experience it provides its clients. Steve Dew-Jones talks...

Waters | Feature | Exchanges | 06 Jun 2012


Radio Silence: Are Exchanges Trying to Curb HFT?

As several exchanges in Europe and the US prepare to implement efficiency programs for order messaging-to-trade ratios, some in the industry are seeing this as a self-regulatory move to curb high-frequency trading ahead of statutory rulings. But is this...

Waters | Feature | Exchanges | 04 May 2012


OTFs' Next Move

With G20 commitments obliging regulators to regiment the trading of over-the-counter derivatives, Mifid II proposes the integration of organized trading facilities, but what impact will this have? By Steve Dew-Jones

Waters | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 04 May 2012


Dark Forces: Off-Exchange Trading on the Rise

A growing percentage of trade volumes is moving off-exchange every year, whether it’s through broker dark pools, internalized on a firm’s own desks, or elsewhere. Along with declining liquidity in equities markets and higher trading costs, the increasing...

Waters | Feature | Exchange Technologies | 03 May 2012


London Stock Exchange CIO Antoine Shagoury: Man of the People

When Antoine Shagoury took on the role of CIO at the London Stock Exchange, he embarked on an ambitious program of reform at the venerable, but embattled, institution. Several years on, he reveals how technology is driving the growth of the entire business....

Waters | Feature | Exchanges | 27 Mar 2012


Call Auctions: Trading in a New Old-Fashioned Way

Call auctions are one of the oldest forms of stock trading. Plenty of people would like to have an auction option, yet no such system has existed for more than a decade. AX Trading is giving an electronic version another shot. By Jake Thomases

Waters | Feature | Exchange Technologies | 24 Feb 2012


Feature: There Can Be Only One: David Downey and OneChicago Stand Alone

Anthony Malakian speaks to OneChicago Exchange's CEO David Downey about his return to the financial services industry after a lengthy hiatus precipitated by a tragedy close to home.

Waters | Feature | People | 05 Oct 2011


Feature: No New Course for the Bourse

Increased competition from electronic trading venues and disrupted revenue streams spurred exchanges to consider a range of takeover and merger opportunities earlier this year. But six months on, it appears that the merger mania has cooled. By Sitanta...

Waters | Feature | Exchanges | 21 Sep 2011


Feature: ASX, Chi-X Prepare to Compete in Australia

Competition among trading venues is nothing new in Europe and North America. The splintering of the exchange landscape followed regulatory overhauls in both regions, and the markets have felt the impact. The Australian equities markets, meanwhile, have...

Waters | Feature | Exchanges | 14 Sep 2011


Through the Looking Glass: Will SGX Learn from History?

To paraphrase philosopher George Santayana, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. On January 1, 2010, as most people were sleeping off their New Year’s Eve hangovers, the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) unveiled Arrowhead, the exchange’s...

Waters | Feature | Exchange Technologies | 01 Aug 2011

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