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WatersTechnology is a multi-channel business intelligence platform with daily analysis and news to enable businesses to deliver better strategies with more efficiency than before.

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Pulling together

Wall Street’s bulge-bracket brokers have in recent months encroached on their smaller counterparts by poaching their hedge fund clients. But as Anthony...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 08 Apr 2010


Editor's Letter - Convergence comes home

For a number of years now, Buy-Side Technology has reported on and generally pushed the idea that the buy side is converging from a business and functionality (technology) perspective. Just over two years ago we held a roundtable discussion in New York...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 01 Apr 2010

Maitland stops the clocks

Maitland Fund Services, based in the South African buy-side stronghold of Cape Town, has, according to Nick Baikoff, the firm's head of asset services, altered the clock speed for itself and its clients by developing a real-time front- to back-office...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Buy-Side Operations | 01 Apr 2010

A rude awakening

Many aspects of buy-side technology and operations have had to grow up fast following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Collateral management, for many firms a low-priority function entrusted to Excel spreadsheets before the credit crunch, is the stand-out...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Risk Management | 01 Apr 2010

The Naked Truth

The 60-day feedback period allocated by the SEC to its proposed changes to the practice of sponsored access is almost up, and by the time this issue hits desks, ‘unfiltered’ access may be a thing of the past. But the real issue here is how brokers...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Algorithmic Trading | 08 Mar 2010

Many moving parts

The number of compliance issues facing the buy side has little precedent in recent history, just as managers are grappling with shifting market and risk conditions in a post-recession world. The way forward is no less challenging – the obstacle is not...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Compliance | 01 Mar 2010

Natural affinity

For fund managers seeking high-frequency trading capabilities, the standard build-versus-buy proposition is no longer wholly pertinent – and for good reason. The advent of complex event processing technology has provided a third viable option. By...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 10 Feb 2010

Operations: the way forward

The last decade has produced a remarkable transformation in the front office - especially from a buy-side perspective - although current trends suggest that operations and risk management will hold the spotlight over the next 10 years. More than ever,...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Buy-Side Operations | 01 Feb 2010

Progressive embraces business continuity challenge

Business continuity rose to prominence in the wake of the September 11 attacks, as firms of all sizes sought to develop contingency plans as a way of mitigating the business and operational risks resulting from systems failures. By Victor Anderson*...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Buy-Side Operations | 01 Feb 2010

Editor's Letter - Bigging-up the back office

From a buy-side perspective, the front office has traditionally been where all the sexy action takes place. And rightly so. It's the area of the business directly responsible for performance. Come to think of it, the front office is a bit like the engine...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Buy-Side Operations | 01 Jan 2010

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