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Speculators in the crosshairs

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is considering implementing position limits for buy-side players trading energy products, potentially restricting the number of positions traders can take on futures exchanges. Stewart Eisenhart reports...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 01 Jan 2010

Dabbling in the dark

Dark pools started to appear as early as a decade ago in the US market, but it has only been over the course of the last two years that they have attracted sufficient liquidity – perhaps as much as 12% of US equity orders and 4% in Europe – to make...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 01 Jan 2010

Adapt or die

Smart order routing is not a new phenomenon for buy- and sell-side organisations, but the tools that let firms route trades according to their own specific criteria have evolved significantly over the last two years. Gone are the days when these applications...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 01 Jan 2010

Safety in numbers

One isn’t just the loneliest number – it can also be the most dangerous. The traditional ‘single-prime’ hedge fund model, severely tested at the close of 2008, is a case in point, as hedge funds move towards multiple prime broker relationships....

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 10 Dec 2009

Editor's Letter - Making a molehill out of a mountain

Technology, especially when it comes to the financial services industry, can be pretty dreary stuff. Unless of course you're a propeller-head who grew up learning how to write code instead of playing computer games and falling out of trees. But that isn't...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | | 01 Dec 2009

The 2009 Buy-Side Technology Awards

This year’s awards featured 120 entries across 18 categories from 52 different technology providers. The most popular category was that of best newcomer with 13 entries, while this year’s edition featured eight new winners.

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 01 Dec 2009

Coming in from the cold

Central clearing has dominated the agenda of credit derivatives dealers this year, even though buy-side firms are yet to gain access to such industry initiatives. But, as Joel Clark reports, this is set to change mid-way through next month if the Operations...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 10 Nov 2009

TCA plugs into the front office

The rise of TCA data over the past few years has caused some head scratching among investment managers. How to incorporate this data into a broader investment process beyond a means of evaluating execution quality has proven tricky, although progress...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 01 Nov 2009

Alone in the dark

For years, as dark pools proliferated in the US and now take hold in Europe, industry sources have speculated that consolidation among these venues was inevitable. The consensus was that upwards of 40 different venues operating in the US couldn’t all...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 13 Oct 2009

Made to measure

Gone are the days of buy-side firms implementing broker-developed algorithmictrading tools without the ability to question their underlying assumptions. Perhaps more crucially, the ability to tailor those algorithms to more accurately reflect changing...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Buy-Side Operations | 04 Sep 2009

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