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WatersTechnology is a multi-channel business intelligence platform with daily analysis and news to enable businesses to deliver better strategies with more efficiency than before.

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Performance precedents

Performance measurement, has in recent years moved into the front office, as buy-side firms look to integrate performance into a single, integrated platform. This move has been accompanied by compressed reporting timeframes and the emergence of risk as...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Performance and Attribution | 01 Sep 2009

Dark pools: What lies beneath?

Regulators in the US and Europe are keeping an eye on how dark execution venues operate. Do they need to be more transparent in their operations? Although no concrete proposals have been forthcoming, any regulations are set to have a profound impact on...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Buy-Side Operations | 06 Aug 2009

Taming the beast

OTC derivatives market participants have known for some time that the days of dealing with nary a regulator in sight were numbered. However, the US Treasury Department recently issued its most concrete regulatory suggestion, even though many of the details...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Exchange Data | 10 Jul 2009

Back to basics

Linedata Services has always been one of the most progressive providers of technology to the buy side in terms of the depth and maturity of its ASP offerings. Linedata's Mike Medley explains how Linedata's hosted services clients - traditionally smaller...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Data Consumers | 01 Jul 2009

Perfect Partners

The hosted services model is not a new phenomenon to the financial services industry. But during these testing times it has become more relevant to buy side firms offering managers the benefits of fixed IT costs, reduced time to market for new applications,...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Business Continuity & Outsourcing | 01 Jul 2009

The TCO conundrum

Implementations can be beset by unforeseen hiccups, which tends to result in inflated budgets and missed deadlines. SmartStream's TLM OnDemand addresses users' total cost of ownership challenges and provides buy-side firms with reduced time to market....

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Buy-Side Operations | 01 Jul 2009

Pricing imperfections

Allocating a definitive and transparent price to an asset for which no active market exists is a process mired in complexity and controversy. David Patrikarakos investigates the new generation of valuation models to address the pricing and valuations...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Portfolio Management | 09 Jun 2009

Risk in progress

For years, the notion of real-time risk management to better inform buy-side traders prior to making executions has proven elusive. And now that lessons learned from the ongoing global financial crisis continue to mount, the value of real-time pre-trade...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 01 Jun 2009

Great expectations

Institutional investors are driving the buy side in terms of the adoption of best practices and the technology that underpins such initiatives. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the client reporting realm where institutional players have come to expect...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 06 May 2009

Dark diligence

“Who do you trust?” As that question gains pertinence among buy-side managers, aspects of their relationships with broker-dealers have come under scrutiny. In the midst of sell-side upheavals and ongoing volatility, buy-side traders might presume...

Buy-Side Technology | Feature | Best Execution | 01 May 2009

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