Inside Market Data/Feature

MTFs Urge Consolidated Tape in MiFID Review

Operators of pan-European multilateral trading facilities are calling for this year's review of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive to make it easier for trading firms to participate in multiple markets by mandating an affordable means for...

Algorithmic News Gathers Pace

News providers found new ways to deliver and present their content to users during 2009, notably by broadening and reducing the latency associated with machine-readable news offerings as algorithmic and high-frequency traders increasingly seek to incorporate...

Exchanges, ATSs Battle for Share

2009 was a tough year for exchanges worldwide, especially in Europe, where continued fragmentation has resulted in lower market share for most incumbent markets at a time of subdued trading volumes compared to 2008.

Economic Woes Drive Data Caution

The economy continued to overshadow data strategies and decisions in 2009, and even though the markets have shown a swift recovery in some quarters, continued uncertainty about the economic climate is prompting firms to take a cautious approach to business.

Latency: Industry Ups Focus on Measurement

The race to zero of eliminating latency from data distribution and processing continued apace in 2009, though firms also became more critical of their ability to accurately measure latency, to assess their status compared to their peers.

Vendors Vie for Share with New Platforms

Though Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg maintained dominant market shares and unveiled major initiatives in 2009, other data providers launched their own projects to broaden their client bases as they vie with rivals for the remainder of the market.

Data Consumers Spend for Technology Edge

Difficult operating conditions prevailed in the aftermath of the financial crisis, but user firms continued to invest in data technologies to give them an edge over rivals during 2009, either in the speed of sourcing and processing data, or in quality...