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2010 Year in Review: Fragmentation, Cross-Border Trading Drive Canada Boom

Canada saw an explosion of connectivity and datacenter activity in 2010 as new alternative trading systems drove increased fragmentation and need for connectivity between domestic and international trading venues to make it easier for firms to trade and...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Connectivity & Networks | 20 Dec 2010

2010 Year in Review: Economic Woes Oil Demand for Commodities Data

Commodities data gained a new lease of life in 2010 as disappointing financial markets drove investors into the arms of more tangible investments, ranging from gold and silver exchange-traded-funds to less glittery energy and agricultural futures markets....

Inside Market Data | Feature | Content Focus | 20 Dec 2010

2010 Year in Review: As Other Factors Commoditize, Analytics’ Value Increases

Whereas traders used to make do with a real-time market data display, a couple of interactive charts and a brokerage report, sophisticated analytics—encompassing terminal displays, embedded analytics in trading systems or websites, and as standalone...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Data Display & Analytics | 20 Dec 2010

2010 Year in Review: Low Latency, Data Volumes Drive New Technologies

Market data message rates continued to soar in 2010, creating data peaks that challenged even the largest servers, driven by low-latency trading. St. Louis, Mo.-based hardware ticker plant vendor Exegy’s MarketDataPeaks portal recorded 3.25 million...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Latency | 20 Dec 2010

2010 Year in Review: Mobile Data ‘Clicks’ with Financial Users

Mobile data came into its own in 2010 with the arrival of 3G and web-friendly mobile operating systems which gave birth to sophisticated data applications for smartphones and tablets, enabling finance professionals on the move to easily access the markets...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Data Delivery Technologies | 20 Dec 2010

2010 Year in Review: Herd in Review

January: Larry Joyce joined Thomson Reuters as sales specialist for its Lipper funds databases, after AOL disbanded news aggregator Relegence Latency monitoring software vendor SeaNet Technologies promoted Raymond Marra to president and chief executive,...

Inside Market Data | Feature | People | 20 Dec 2010


WatersTech Panel: Raising the Standard for Latency Transparency

With the importance of low-latency data to algorithmic and high-frequency trading, exchanges, alternative trading venues, and market data and technology vendors have all been keen to demonstrate their performance by quoting latency statistics. But without...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Latency | 06 Aug 2010

FX Markets Eye Data Latency

The availability of low-latency foreign exchange data is becoming an issue for trading firms as algorithmic and high-frequency trading becomes more commonly used in the FX markets. "Latency is a massive trend this year, mostly stateside, and with some...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Latency | 16 Jul 2010


Industry Remains Divided Over Case for EU Consolidated Tape

The upcoming review of the European Commission's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive has market participants divided over whether the proposals should contain provisions for a consolidated tape of pan-European market data. Market fragmentation...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Organization & Management | 02 Jul 2010


Sifting SIFMA: Highlights and Lowdowns

This year's SIFMA show, while smaller than last year's event, had an air of optimism, and though foot traffic was light at times, one might well blame a large portion of that on the US and England football teams playing crucial first-round matches in...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Data Delivery Technologies | 25 Jun 2010

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