Subject: Firms worry that lack of ‘explainability’ will be regulatory roadblock for AI

Firms worry that lack of ‘explainability’ will be regulatory roadblock for AI
Industry experts share their concerns about advanced AI’s ‘black-box’ nature and how that may attract fragmented regulatory scrutiny.
 24 May 2024   |  News Analysis
Emerging Technologies
Waters Wavelength Podcast: Talos’s Samar Sen
Samar Sen, head of Apac at Talos, joins the podcast to talk about the institutional tools in the digital assets space.
24 May 2024   |  Opinion
Emerging Technologies
The capital markets’ appetite for AI is evolving ... slowly
Nyela checks the vibe of generative AI, which is slowly evolving from frenetic conversations to tangible tools and use cases.
23 May 2024   |  Opinion
Trading Tech
Waters Wrap: Quants, CDOs, and the blending of job titles
Anthony explains how a quant at a massive bank taking on the CDO title hints at larger industry changes.
21 May 2024   |  Opinion
Emerging Technologies
Caveat creator: GenAI giants’ pledges won’t pre-empt copyright suits
Tech vendors offer indemnities on generative output, but end-users need to check the fine print, warn IP lawyers
21 May 2024   |  Feature
Emerging Technologies
Capital markets firms wary of cloud overspend
Data architects highlight cost concerns as more and more institutions look to use the cloud for data storage and management.
20 May 2024   |  News


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