Subject: Symphony builds on Cloud9 buy; BMO’s move to cloud; Northern Trust’s cloud data marketplace

Data Management
FactSet looks to build on portfolio commentary with AI
Its new solution will allow users to write attribution summaries more quickly and adds to its goal of further accelerating discoverability, automation, and innovation.
30 Apr 2024   |  News
Emerging Technologies
Waters Wrap: GenAI and rising tides
As banks, asset managers, and vendors ratchet up generative AI experiments and rollouts, Anthony explains why collaboration between business and tech teams is crucial.
07 May 2024   |  Opinion
Data Management
How Ally found the key to GenAI at the bottom of a teacup
Risk-and-tech chemistry—plus Microsoft’s flexibility—has seen the US lender leap from experiments to execution.
29 Apr 2024   |  Feature
Emerging Technologies
Former Goldman analyst aims to blend GenAI and synthetic data with start-up is taking a novel approach to calculating risk. While promising, industry observers are skeptical.
16 May 2024   |  News Analysis
Emerging Technologies
S&P debuts Spark Assist genAI copilot, draws up ‘Blueprints’ of combined datasets
S&P’s Kensho subsidiary has rolled out new emerging tech products leveraging AI to explore and combine the vendor’s wealth of datasets to solve common use cases.
25 Apr 2024   |  News
Data Management
MSCI counts the cost of bank M&A, looks ahead to custom indexes, AI
Cancellations of overlapping contracts following a bank merger put a dent in MSCI’s earnings, but management remains upbeat about the potential of recent acquisitions and new technology developments.
24 Apr 2024   |  News
Trading Tech
Symphony boosts Cloud9 voice offerings with AI
The messaging and collaboration platform builds on Cloud9’s capabilities as it embraces the AI wave in what CEO Brad Levy calls “incremental” steps.
25 Apr 2024   |  News
Emerging Technologies
BMO’s cloud migration strategy eases AI adoption
The Canadian bank is embracing a more digital future as its cloud strategy makes gains and it looks to both traditional machine learning and generative AI for further augmentation.
08 May 2024   |  Feature
Data Management
Northern Trust building internal cloud data ‘marketplace’
Using a mix of in-house expertise and third-party technologies, the firm has constructed a cloud-based data mesh that gives internal staff access to proprietary datasets and analytical tools to deliver greater insights into client activity.
02 May 2024   |  News


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