Subject: Of open source and regulation; T+1 headache for ETF traders

Data Management
DSB says industry is ready to meet UPI mandate ahead of deadline
The Unique Product Identifier will be required for certain OTC derivatives in the EU at the end of April, following US adoption in January.
18 Apr 2024   |  News Analysis
Emerging Technologies
Verafin launches genAI copilot for fincrime investigators
Features include document summarization and improved research tools.
22 Apr 2024   |  News
Data Management
The IMD Wrap: Beginning of the end for data audits?
This week, there’s exciting news for data bean-counters in the form of a partnership between two vendors that could change the way we view and track data usage and audits.
29 Apr 2024   |  Opinion
Trading Tech
Consortium backs BGC’s effort to challenge CME
Banks and market makers—including BofA, Citi, Goldman, Jump and Tower—will have a 26% stake in FMX.
26 Apr 2024   |  News
Emerging Technologies
Waters Wrap: Open source and storm clouds on the horizon
Regulators and politicians in America and Europe are increasingly concerned about AI—and, by extension, open-source development. Anthony says there are real reasons for concern.
22 Apr 2024   |  Opinion
‘Very careful thought’: T+1 will introduce costs, complexities for ETF traders
When the US moves to T+1 at the end of May 2024, firms trading ETFs will need to automate their workflows as much as possible to avoid "settlement misalignment" and additional costs.
09 Apr 2024   |  News


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