Subject: New entrant to tackle data discovery; S&P’s new datasets and tools; Industry ready for UPI mandate

Trading Tech
Chris Edmonds takes the reins at ICE Fixed Income and Data Services
Edmonds is now leading ICE’s fixed income and data business as the rush to provide better data and analytics in fixed income builds.
19 Apr 2024   |  Feature
Data Management
MSCI counts the cost of bank M&A, looks ahead to custom indexes, AI
Cancellations of overlapping contracts following a bank merger put a dent in MSCI’s earnings, but management remains upbeat about the potential of recent acquisitions and new technology developments.
24 Apr 2024   |  News
Emerging Technologies
Euronext microwave link aims to cut HFT advantage in Europe
Exchange plans to level playing field between prop firms and banks in cash equities with cutting edge tech.
11 Apr 2024   |  News
Data Management
Northern Trust building internal cloud data ‘marketplace’
Using a mix of in-house expertise and third-party technologies, the firm has constructed a cloud-based data mesh that gives internal staff access to proprietary datasets and analytical tools to deliver greater insights into client activity.
02 May 2024   |  News
Trading Tech
Bank-led consortium takes aim at position reporting
Five banks, including Barclays, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs and HSBC, have joined forces to mitigate interpretation and implementation errors in position reporting disclosures.
01 May 2024   |  News
Data Management
The IMD Wrap: Beginning of the end for data audits?
This week, there’s exciting news for data bean-counters in the form of a partnership between two vendors that could change the way we view and track data usage and audits.
29 Apr 2024   |  Opinion
Emerging Technologies
S&P debuts Spark Assist genAI copilot, draws up ‘Blueprints’ of combined datasets
S&P’s Kensho subsidiary has rolled out new emerging tech products leveraging AI to explore and combine the vendor’s wealth of datasets to solve common use cases.
25 Apr 2024   |  News
Data Management
DSB says industry is ready to meet UPI mandate ahead of deadline
The Unique Product Identifier will be required for certain OTC derivatives in the EU at the end of April, following US adoption in January.
18 Apr 2024   |  News Analysis
Data Management
The IMD Wrap: The growing data catalogue space
With their potential to manage costs and surface strategic datasets, it’s no wonder Max gets excited about data catalogs. This week, he takes a look at a new startup entering the space.
15 Apr 2024   |  Opinion


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