Compliance Countdown: 100 Days to MiFID II

Sept. 25 marks exactly 100 days until Europe’s new financial regulatory framework, MiFID II, becomes law. Jamie Hyman gets the lowdown from industry experts on whether the industry is ready, what the next 100 days will look like, which strategies firms are deploying to address key challenges, and whether it’s even possible to be fully ready by the time MiFID II goes live.

Machine Learning: On the Ground Floor, Ready to Rise

While much of the talk about machine-learning technology in capital markets is overblown, there’s no question that these tools are set to become increasingly prevalent over the coming years. Anthony Malakian takes stock of where the industry stands based on actual implementations.

September 2017: Relax, the Big Cull Is Over

While some jobs could be lost as a result of automation in the capital markets, Victor says they aren't likely to rival the cuts that followed the financial crisis.

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