Evaluated Pricing Webcast: Examining The Perception Gap


During a webcast about evaluated pricing on March 13, industry representatives discussed how vendors are trying to improve confidence in their evaluated prices and help firms comply with new regulations by being more transparent about the data and methodologies they use

Evaluated pricing plays an important role in helping financial firms understand the value of illiquid assets. However, it is a complex procedure that involves both observable and assumptive data, and at the end of the day, financial firms don't always share their vendor's confidence in the prices they receive. The introduction of new regulations and standards has further increased the pressure on vendors to provide both accurate prices and transparency into the data and methodologies they use.

During this webcast, panelists discuss:

- the impact regulations such as Solvency II are having on evaluated pricing
- the changes vendors are making to improve confidence in their pricing and help firms meet regulators' demands
- the need for greater geographical coverage, particularly in Asia
- the factors firms should consider when choosing a pricing vendor

The speakers are:

- Gary Pringle, vice president, JP Morgan Corporate and Investment Bank
- Daniel Johnson, head of valuation, Wells Fargo Global Fund Services
- Greg Carlin, vice president, valuation and pricing services, S&P Capital IQ
- Milton Miyashiro, head of regulatory compliance and regulations for evaluations, Thomson Reuters

Moderator: Nicholas Hamilton, reporter, Inside Reference Data

Click HERE to listen to the archived webcast.

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