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Moving Mission-Critical Functions to the Cloud

Anthony believes that more firms are moving mission critical functions to the cloud. As they do, though, it's important to note that there's a major difference...

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 18 Apr 2014


BYOD, Mobile Offer Banks a Chance to ‘Get Cool Again'

As bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies grow inside banks, mobile data management has also emerged as a pressing issue, according to panelists at this year's North American Trading Architecture Summit.

Sell-Side Technology | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 16 Apr 2014


Caplin's Patrick Myles on Navigating HTML5 Libraries, Tools

At this year's North American Trading Architecture Summit, Patrick Myles, CTO at software provider Caplin Systems, discussed the future of trading front-ends, and how HTML5 will serve a key role. Despite the programming language's promise, there are still...

Sell-Side Technology | Analysis | Trading Technologies and Strategies | 15 Apr 2014


Exploring the Buy Side in Japan

Anthony previews two events that will unfold over the coming two weeks.

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 11 Apr 2014


Heartbleed Bug Demonstrates Challenges Around Cyber Security

Earlier this week, a major hole in the OpenSSL open-source cryptography library was reported. The bug, dubbed Heartbleed, may affect 66 percent of the SSL servers on the Internet, according Internet research firm Netcraft.

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 10 Apr 2014


Sussman Jumps to Liquidnet, Ready to Enter HFT Debate

Liquidnet has announced that Adam Sussman will join as its head of market structure and liquidity partnerships.

Buy-Side Technology | News | People | 08 Apr 2014


Industry Needs Targeted Risk Controls for Better Surveillance

Murray Pozmanter of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. (DTCC) discusses how the industry is trying to roll out integrated circuit breakers and more nuanced surveillance tools to better oversee today's marketplace.

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 08 Apr 2014


For Fatca Compliance, Banks Work to Create Internal Data Hubs

At a conference hosted by Waters' sibling publication OpRisk, panelists discussed the technological pain points that surround compliance with new Fatca guidelines. The key hurdle is clear: integrating disparate systems in order to more efficiently share...

Sell-Side Technology | Analysis | Regulation & Standards | 04 Apr 2014


What Do You Mean, Rigged?

The book "Flash Boys" has proven to be something of a tipping point against high-frequency traders. But are the markets really rigged against the retail investor?

Buy-Side Technology | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 04 Apr 2014


Anthony Malakian: HTML5's Open Access

While HTML5 development still has its limitations, Anthony says that now is the time to make the switch and figure out ways to create hybrid strategies using HTML5 and native development.

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 04 Apr 2014

NOW OPEN -- Inside Market Data Awards 2014

For more details...

Call-for-entry and voting are now open for the 12th annual Inside Market Data Awards 2014, which take place in New York on May 21. For more details of the criteria across the call-for-entry and voting categories that recognize industry excellence within market data and reference data click here.


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