Abacus Partners with Orchestrade

Abacus to provide Orchestrade solution through AbacusFLEX

Orchestrade Financial System's cross-asset platform will now be available on Abacus Group's AbacusFLEX platform. Through the partnership hedge funds can more easily tap into Orchestrade's solution to manage risk and operations across all asset classes.

"Abacus is a firm that is steeped in experience of providing a range of solutions to hedge funds, in a manner and at a cost that is consistent with their needs," says Richard Ferrari, vice president of business development at Orchestrade. "We believe that with the increased pressures of regulatory compliance and greater transparency to their investors, hedge funds need more than ever robust systems to help them. Until now the choice has been limited to older legacy systems but these have proven to be to cumbersome, complex and costly for the vast majority of fund managers. Now with the availability of Orchestrade as a service through Abacus, hedge funds have a viable, efficient and less expensive alternative."

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