PortfolioScience Launches Factor Index Toolset

The feature lets users construct factor indexes through customizable methodologies.


Risk management system provider PortfolioScience announced it has released new functionalities for its RiskAPI enterprise platform.

The Factor Index Construction Toolset allows users to create factor indexes based on fundamental, technical, and statistical metrics using customizable methodologies. It also provides detailed analysis that will let clients understand constituent behavior, valuation, and historical performance.

Ittai Korin, founder and president of PortfolioScience, said the additional feature provides greater control of the factor investing process.

"The toolset allows users to fully control the valuation and construction process of factor indexes critical to exposure analysis," Korin said. "Rather than having to purchase and use a pre-determined, fixed-methodology index, users can now control a wide array of index construction parameters, allowing them to quickly generate historical data and analysis."

Factor investing—a strategy that requires a greater level of granularity when choosing securities—is becoming a broadly implemented practice, according to PortfolioScience.

PortfolioScience's client base includes brokers, fund administrators, hedge funds and mutual funds.

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