Best Data Analytics Provider: FactSet

IMD/IRD Awards 2016

Left to right: Max Bowie; Joe Importico, analytics specialist, FactSet; Steve Matchett

As the volume of data entering financial institutions continues to reach new heights, it is essential for investment professionals to have the right tools to make sense of the data, assess risk and portfolio exposure and identify trends. One of the vendors with a long history of helping investors do just this is FactSet, which came out top this year with its FactSet Portfolio Analytics platform.

According to the judging panel, FactSet—the vendor bagging the most awards overall this year—sets a “benchmark for analytics in this competitive environment” and FactSet Portfolio Analytics is “always a best-in-class product”. The offering is a multi-asset class, global solution designed to enable investment professionals to easily analyze portfolios and take analysis to the next level with multi-tile reporting, drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to view charts side-by-side with intelligent linking. Judges said this is a “robust offering from a proven player” and praised FactSet for continuing to innovate and staying on top of the market by bringing out additional functionality. 

The suite allows users to identify risks, sources of alpha and exposures that are not visible in the data alone. With tools like FactSet’s Geographical Revenue data set integrated into Portfolio Analysis, professionals can uncover the portfolio’s exposure to geopolitical, macroeconomic and market factors, and the combination of portfolio data, benchmark data and FactSet’s fixed-income analytics make it possible to gain insight into how a portfolio will react to changing market conditions, such as a rise in interest rates.

It may be difficult to attach a value to data and portfolio insight, but robust analytics tools like these that offer investment professionals endless opportunities to work smarter and stay ahead of the market are indispensable in terms of helping firms build a framework for success.

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