SIX Financial Information

Finwire Hires Ex-SIX News, Sales Staff

The newswire spotted an opportunity to hire experienced staff from SIX Financial Information after SIX decided to wind down its Nordic-focused offerings.

MiFIR Draws Closer

Identifiers, data centralization and data quality emerge as primary compliance concerns

SIX Nets Shapiro for Sales

With more than 20 years in market data sales, Shapiro has worked at FactSet, Morningstar, Tenfore, Thomson Financial and ILX.

SIX Nets Crabb to Claw in New P&RD Sales

A former associate publisher of Incisive Media's Credit magazine, Crabb has spent a decade in sales of fixed income pricing, ratings and analysis solutions.

MiFIR special report

Identifiers taking on greater importance in compliance with European MiFIR rules