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uRIKA is the first release from Cray's dedicated Big Data division, led by Arvind Parthasarathi.

Cray Launches New Big Data Appliance

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YarcData division announces enterprise release.

YarcData, a division of supercomputing provider Cray Inc, has announced the release of its solution for Big Data relationship analytics.

Named uRIKA, the hardware-software product specializes in analytics for large and complex datasets delivered at high speeds. uRIKA is graph-based, and builds a relationship warehouse of data through automated inference and deduction performed on the information. The system allows for real-time visualization of interrelated data, as well as real-time search functionality for proposed relationships between datasets.

"Graphs are an important segment of the Big Data market with increasingly important applicability to problems in areas such as social networking, healthcare, finance, life sciences, and telecommunications," says Tony Baer, principal analyst at Ovum Research. "Given the importance of real-time interactive analytics on graphs, it's not just about Big Data but also Fast Data."

This release follows the establishment of YarcData within Cray, as a dedicated Big Data division.

"YarcData is the nexus of the world's most advanced technologies from Cray being applied to solve the world's most challenging Big Data problems," says Arvind Parthasarathi, senior vice president and general manager of YarcData. "The Big Data market is in its infancy and YarcData solutions will fill an important and unmet need in enterprise Big Data processing. This is a unique opportunity to deliver Cray's high performance technology to meet 21st century Big Data challenges, and I look forward to building a successful future for YarcData, Cray and our customers worldwide."

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