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Acquire Media

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StarCompliance Taps News Impact Scores for Insider Trading Tool

Compliance software vendor will use news provider's impact analysis to monitor trading activity against market-moving news events.

Inside Market Data | News | Content Focus | 29 Jun 2012


Acquire Prepares to Open Tiger Cage

Roseland, NJ-based news aggregator Acquire Media is preparing to roll out a co-located version of its Tiger (Traders Integrated Execution-Ready) low-latency feed of machine-readable news to support the needs of trading firms with news-sensitive trading...

Inside Market Data | News | Newswires | 25 Jun 2012

Roundtable: Headline Figures vs Breaking News

As Thomson Reuters’ recent launch of its Reuters America news service demonstrates, news is still a critical input for investors. While ordinary investors are demanding more professional-level content, the face of news on the trading floor is changing,...

Inside Market Data | Discussion | Newswires | 02 Jan 2011

2010 Year in Review: Vendors Present New Faces for 2010

This year was one of facelifts among the major data vendors, while others resorted to more desperate operations in the battle for market share as end-users loosened their purse strings for strategic initiatives. Dow Jones began the year by combining...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Organization & Management | 20 Dec 2010


Opening Cross: One Market Data, There’s Only One Market Data

The headline isn't a plug for tick data management vendor OneMarketData, but rather a reference to the World Cup. And since we're in a football frenzy, allow me to compare some of the key challenges that face footballers and data professionals alike....

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Data Administration | 25 Jun 2010


Acquire Media Gives News Traders an Edge

Roseland, NJ-based news aggregator Acquire Media has incorporated a factor into its news displays and feeds that shows the anticipated direction of price movements as a result of specific news items. The new value, dubbed Edge (Expected Directional...

Inside Market Data | News | Newswires | 25 Jun 2010


Sifting SIFMA: Highlights and Lowdowns

This year's SIFMA show, while smaller than last year's event, had an air of optimism, and though foot traffic was light at times, one might well blame a large portion of that on the US and England football teams playing crucial first-round matches in...

Inside Market Data | Feature | Data Delivery Technologies | 25 Jun 2010

SIFMA 2010: Market Data Must-Sees

So, your boss has given you the mission to find a technology that will reduce your firm's costs. Your traders want you to find new and inexpensive sources of data. And your prop desk wants you to hunt out the lowest-latency solution on the market. On...

Inside Market Data | Report | Data Delivery Technologies | 18 Jun 2010

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