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American Financial Technology Awards (AFTAs)

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AFTAs 2013: The Winners and Why They Won

It’s difficult to believe that Waters first unveiled the American Financial Technology Awards all the way back in 2005, although anyone who has worked...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 08 Jan 2014


AFTAs 2013: Best IT Team—BNY Mellon

There’s a reason why the best IT team category is the final announcement at the American Financial Technology Awards: It’s the highest profile, and therefore the most prized, of all 16 categories on offer. BNY Mellon’s IT team, under the tutelage...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 08 Jan 2014


AFTAs 2013: Best Technology Executive, Sell-Side—Edwin Marcial, IntercontinentalExchange

Edwin Marcial joined the Continental Power Exchange, the company that would become ICE, in 1996, because he wanted to make an impression on a startup. He stayed put when it nearly went belly-up in 1999, when it became economically viable again overnight...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 08 Jan 2014


AFTAs 2013: Best Technology Executive, Buy-Side—Tom Miglis, Citadel

Since 2001, Tom Miglis’ steady hand has run technology at Ken Griffin’s Chicago-based Citadel Group. But despite his long tenure as CIO, Miglis wasn’t named best buy-side technology executive as a lifetime-achievement-type award, but rather because...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 08 Jan 2014


AFTAs 2013: Best Compliance Initiative—ConvergEx Group

Compliance and market surveillance are among the most important functions at any institutional trading firm. Given heightened regulatory scrutiny of the capital markets, that importance looks set to grow, but compliance teams often struggle with basic,...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 08 Jan 2014


AFTAs 2013: Best Mobile-Strategy Initiative—Morgan Stanley

Waters has written extensively in recent months about mobility and the idea that work is a thing you do, not a place you go. Firms across the industry are developing new mobile strategies, but it is Morgan Stanley’s Matrix Mobile rollout that won this...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 08 Jan 2014


AFTAs 2013: Best IT Integration Initiative—Bank of America Merrill Lynch

IT integration projects have an annoying habit of resembling icebergs: They might appear to be relatively rudimentary undertakings at the outset, but they invariably grow in complexity, timescale, and budget as they progress, often throwing up more challenges...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 08 Jan 2014


AFTAs 2013: Best OTC Trading Initiative—State Street Corp.

If there’s one thing that 2013 will be remembered for in the capital markets, it will be that this was the year that swap execution facilities (SEFs) started operating. While State Street launched SwapEx in February 2012, it wasn’t until September...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 08 Jan 2014


AFTAs 2013: Most Cutting-Edge IT Initiative—Blackstone

Park Avenue-based Blackstone Group wins what is traditionally the most competitive of the 16 categories on offer in the annual American Financial Technology Awards, thanks to its BXAccess integrated investor portal, a blend of cutting-edge technology,...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 08 Jan 2014


AFTAs 2013: Best Infrastructure Initiative—Bank of America

When it comes to financial technology, the key word has always been efficiency. For execution, that comes down to finding the right venues to trade with the best results for internal desks or external clients. For compliance, it’s about identifying...

Waters | Special | Awards & Rankings | 08 Jan 2014

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