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FIF (Financial Information Forum)

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Exegy Posts Canadian Data Peaks Portal

St. Louis, Mo.-based hardware ticker plant provider Exegy has launched a Canadian version of its MarketDataPeaks portal of historical peak data volumes,...

Inside Market Data | News | Data Delivery Technologies | 18 Aug 2014


Inside Market Data Hall of Fame: Bill Lee - 'The Statesman'

With his infectious chuckle and statesmanlike demeanor, Bill Lee could have been a diplomat. Instead, he has devoted his career to the market data industry, where he found an abundance of opportunities to put his negotiating skills to good use.

Inside Market Data | Profile | People | 23 May 2014


Consolidated Audit Trail Gets New Push

Bidding to become the processor of consolidated audit trail has just closed, leading into a process of choices and approvals by the SEC and self-regulatory organizations likely to last into 2015 and beyond

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 26 Mar 2014


Industry ‘Advocate' Tom Jordan Wins FISD Lifetime Achievement Award

At the World Financial Information Summit event in Lisbon, Portugal on Monday, industry association FISD presented its 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award to Tom Jordan, founder, president and chief executive of Jordan & Jordan-perhaps the best-known specialist...

Inside Market Data | News | People | 08 Oct 2013


Exchanges, FINRA Issue RFP for SEC-Mandated Audit Trail Operator

US exchanges and regulator FINRA -- collectively known as self-regulatory organizations (SROs) -- published a request-for-proposal on Feb. 26, to solicit proposals from parties interested in building and operated the Consolidated Audit Trail, as mandated...

Inside Market Data | News | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 28 Feb 2013


Data Vet Wells Founds NuPont, On-Demand Product Management Advisory

Company will provide strategic and product management advisory services to small and medium-sized technology providers entering financial markets.

Inside Market Data | News | Organization & Management | 06 Nov 2012


Reinventing the Wheel: Due Diligence Takes on Greater Importance in the Cloud

Without a set of acceptable standards, hiring a cloud services provider is like walking a new labyrinth each time. A BST panel tries to lay down a familiar trail of breadcrumbs.

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Buy-Side Operations | 10 Oct 2012


NATAS Panels: Latency, Capacity Prompt Greater Hardware, Cloud Adoption

Despite the increasing cost and difficulty of gaining a trading advantage from speed, the race to zero is expected to continue apace as firms roll out new technologies to reduce latency compared to their competitors, according to a panel of experts at...

Inside Market Data | News | Latency | 23 Apr 2012


Opening Cross: If You Can't Find the Grail, Should Latency Devotees Change Religion?

The quest for the holy grail of low latency has been one of the driving forces of innovation in the market data industry over the last decade, but as this becomes harder and more expensive to achieve, firms are focusing on new ways to find value and speed-related...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Latency | 26 Mar 2012


OPRA Data Traffic, Bandwidth Projections to Double, Driven by Weekly Options, Volatility

The Options Price Reporting Authority has updated its projections for options data traffic and bandwidth requirements for 2012 and 2013, predicting that the number of messages per second and the bandwidth required to handle OPRA’s consolidated feed...

Inside Market Data | News | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 06 Feb 2012

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