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Markit Readies Swaps Identification for September Launch

Markit plans to expand its RED codes to handle reference requirements set by ISDA for credit default swaps, in an effort to better support the credit event...

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 02 Apr 2014


CFTC Opens Discussions on Standard Structure for Global UTI

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission has begun speaking to other regulators about the possibility of creating a standard structure for a global unique transaction identifier

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 26 Mar 2014


Isda Launches SwapsInfo

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (Isda) has announced the launch of SwapsInfo, a public-facing website designed to provide information on trade data for available markets.

Sell-Side Technology | News | Data Management | 07 Feb 2014


Complexity or Simplicity - The Data Quality Question

Those seeking to increase data quality, cope with new identifier standards or meet the mandates laid out by Europe's new market infrastructure regulation, are looking at how to reduce the complexity of the methods designed to meet simple goals

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Data Management | 10 Jan 2014


Coping With EMIR Derivatives Data Requirements

A new International Swaps and Derivatives Association protocol designed to help market participants comply with the European Market Infrastructure Regulation has brought greater clarity to the procedures counterparties should follow to reconcile their...

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 03 Jan 2014


CUSIP Numbers Created for MAC IRS Contracts

SIFMA AMG and ISDA have worked with CUSIP Global Services to create CUSIP numbers for Market Agreed Coupons, a type of interest rate swap contract launched in April

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 17 Dec 2013


eClerx Unveils ISDA CSA Solution

Business processing provider eClerx has launched a new product to allow firms to better manage ISDA credit support annex (CSA) documents. The new product, called ISDA CSA Document Risk Review, is designed to help firms better manage their credit risk....

Buy-Side Technology | News | Risk Management | 08 Jul 2013


IRD's Editor on Rulemaking and Fragmentation

Data managers should be prepared for "Balkanized" fragmentation in data management, due to nation-centric rulemaking, should globalized and harmonized rules efforts fail.

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Data Management | 13 May 2013 | video


Territorial Rulemaking and the Data Environment

Data managers should consider whether all regulatory politics will be local—or global—and be prepared for either possibility

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Regulation & Standards | 13 May 2013


Getting Ready To Meet The CICI Deadlines

Two important dates for adopting the US precursor to the legal entity identifier will soon be here. JP Morgan's Robin Doyle presents the steps firms need to take in response

Inside Reference Data | Analysis | Regulation & Standards | 27 Mar 2013

NOW OPEN -- Inside Market Data Awards 2014

For more details...

Call-for-entry and voting are now open for the 12th annual Inside Market Data Awards 2014, which take place in New York on May 21. For more details of the criteria across the call-for-entry and voting categories that recognize industry excellence within market data and reference data click here.


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