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ETAS Panel: Future Analysis Needs Drive Clean, Fast Data

Faced with an ever-increasing volume of data and number of data sources, firms will need to analyze data holistically and perform more intelligent evaluation...

Inside Market Data | News | Data Consumers | 21 Nov 2014


Thomson Reuters Adds Regional Elektron PoPs, Expands Managed Services Datacenters

Thomson Reuters has created new points of presence for its Elektron real-time consolidated feed in Johannesburg, Mumbai, Seoul and Toronto, and has expanded its Elektron managed services network with the addition of datacenters in Mexico City and Toronto,...

Inside Market Data | News | Data Delivery Technologies | 17 Nov 2014


CFN Adds Full-Depth eSpeed Data to Alpha Platform, Microwave Net

Network provider CFN Services has begun making market data from Nasdaq-owned US Treasury bond trading platform eSpeed available via its Alpha Platform managed data infrastructure and microwave network.

Inside Market Data | News | Data Delivery Technologies | 05 Nov 2014


Exablaze Grows Low-Latency Data Switch Family

Melbourne, Australia-based low-latency switch provider Exablaze has unveiled ExaLink Fusion, a full-service low-latency switch aimed at high-frequency and algorithmic traders for incoming market data distribution and for sending trade orders back to exchanges,...

Inside Market Data | News | Data Delivery Technologies | 30 Oct 2014


'Kill Switch' Capabilities Move Corvil Beyond Latency

Dublin-based network and latency monitoring technology vendor Corvil has adapted its monitoring tools to support the creation of automatic "kill switches" to protect trading firms' infrastructures and trading strategies, as part of its efforts to reposition...

Inside Market Data | News | Data Display & Analytics | 17 Oct 2014


Metamako Taps Covington to Drive European Expansion

Metamako, an Australian provider of low-latency switch appliances for high-frequency trading, has enlisted data industry veteran Kevin Covington to set up a European infrastructure to support an expansion of its business into the region.

Inside Market Data | News | People | 13 Oct 2014


Windy Apple Tech Says Low-Latency Transatlantic Wireless Net Possible in 18 Months

Jersey City, NJ-based Windy Apple Technologies, which operates a low-latency microwave network between New York and Chicago for high-frequency traders, is claiming that it can construct a similar wireless network over the Atlantic Ocean, drastically reducing...

Inside Market Data | News | Data Delivery Technologies | 25 Sep 2014


Tiger Sinks Claws into Hudson Fiber

Tiger Infrastructure Partners, a private equity firm specializing in investing in mid-market infrastructure assets, has acquired an undisclosed majority stake in Paramus, NJ-based low-latency network provider Hudson Fiber Network, to expand the vendor's...

Inside Market Data | News | alliances, mergers & acquisitions | 24 Sep 2014


City Index Rolls Out Velocimetrics for Data Quality Monitoring

City Index, a provider of equities, options, indexes and contracts for difference trading and financial spread betting, has implemented technology from latency monitoring provider Velocimetrics to monitor the quality of market data feeding its equities...

Inside Market Data | News | Data Delivery Technologies | 22 Sep 2014


NovaSparks Preps Third Gen of FPGA-Based Ticker Plant

French FPGA feed handler and data appliance provider NovaSparks is preparing to launch a new version of its hardware-only NovaTick ticker plant, which will provide users with new features such as exchange recovery, which are typically found in software-only...

Inside Market Data | News | Data Feeds & Handlers | 17 Sep 2014

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