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Six Swiss exchange

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12Horizons Readies Frankfurt-Zurich Microwave Connection

Singapore-based microwave telecommunications company 12Horizons rolled out its microwave radio frequency data transmission network between Deutsche Börse...

Inside Market Data | News | Data Delivery Technologies | 04 Jun 2014


Under Attack: Is Real-Time Data Safe from Hackers?

With recent data breaches such as US retailer Target falling victim to point-of-sale customer data theft and AOL email passwords being compromised grabbing the headlines, it's easy to understand why consumers are paranoid about data privacy. With the...

Inside Market Data | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 09 May 2014


SIX Exchange Bows New Index Data

The SIX Swiss Exchange is to roll out real-time, delayed and historical data on a new index that tracks the 20 stocks from its Swiss Performance index with the highest dividend payments and profitability.

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 24 Apr 2014


AlgoSpan Adds Low-Latency Access to Swiss Exchange Co-Location

UK-based low-latency trading and data infrastructure provider AlgoSpan has begun providing low-latency access to the SIX Swiss Exchange's co-location offering -- a prerequisite for the sponsored access service that the exchange launched last week -- in...

Inside Market Data | News | Latency | 27 Aug 2013


SIX Swiss Exchange Introduces Sponsored Access

SIX Swiss Exchange has announced the debut of its sponsored access program, allowing members to provide their clients with a direct route into the market.

Sell-Side Technology | News | Connectivity & Networks | 20 Aug 2013


Inside Market Data Hall of Fame: Barry Raskin, 'The Builder'

Barry Raskin, President, SIX Financial Information USA

Inside Market Data | News | People | 24 May 2013


Intelligent Design for Institutional Technology

New technologies aiming to solve problems, rather than paper them over, are a refreshing change of pace.

Sell-Side Technology | Opinion | Trading Technologies and Strategies | 22 Apr 2013


Swiss Exchange Tackles Feed Standardization Projects

The SIX Swiss Exchange is expanding the asset classes covered by its ITCH Market Data Interface (IMI) feed, to provide data on instruments such as bonds and exchange-traded funds, after initially launching the feed for equities products as part of its...

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 20 Feb 2013


SIX Axes Scoach Partnership with Deutsche Börse

SIX Swiss Exchange has terminated its cooperation contract with Deutsche Börse for the joint running of structured products trading platform, Scoach.

Sell-Side Technology | News | alliances, mergers & acquisitions | 20 Feb 2013


SIX Swiss Exchange Appoints Urs Widmer COO

SIX Swiss Exchange has appointed former AXA Winterthur CEO Urs Widmer as its COO.

Sell-Side Technology | News | People | 10 Dec 2012

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