Dan DeFrancesco

Dan DeFrancesco is the deputy editor for Sell-Side Technology and has been a member of the Waters' team since August 2014. A native of upstate New York, Dan got his start in journalism as a sports reporter at The Journal News, a daily newspaper that covers the Hudson Valley, after spending a year coaching lacrosse in Manchester, England. Dan is also in charge of Waters' social media accounts. You can follow him on Twitter @dandefrancesco

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Articles by Dan DeFrancesco

Out of the Shadows: The Benefits and Burden of Shadow IT

On the surface, the concept of shadow IT seems simple: A project is started without proper authorization because those involved want to avoid having to jump through the various hoops required to get the green light to build the technology. In actuality,…

AWS S3 Outage Brings Out Best of Twitter

The massive service disruption of AWS Simple Storage Service’s US-EAST-1 Region last week caused plenty of issues for folks, but it also gave Twitter the opportunity to truly shine.

IBM Talks CAT Database

Dan DeFrancesco chats to IBM's Ron Lefferts about his firm's role in creating and managing the database underpinning the Consolidated Audit Trail, set to come online in November this year.

CAT Constructor: Why Thesys Won, Finra Lost and What Comes Next

On January 17, the self-regulatory organizations announced that Thesys Technologies had won the right to build the Consolidated Audit Trail, putting it in charge of what will be one of the biggest financial technology projects in the history of the…