Dan DeFrancesco

Dan DeFrancesco is the deputy editor for Sell-Side Technology and has been a member of the Waters' team since August 2014. A native of upstate New York, Dan got his start in journalism as a sports reporter at The Journal News, a daily newspaper that covers the Hudson Valley, after spending a year coaching lacrosse in Manchester, England. Dan is also in charge of Waters' social media accounts. You can follow him on Twitter @dandefrancesco

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Articles by Dan DeFrancesco

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Technology executive with almost 25 years of experience in the space joins equity derivatives clearing organization.

Out of the Shadows: The Benefits and Burden of Shadow IT

On the surface, the concept of shadow IT seems simple: A project is started without proper authorization because those involved want to avoid having to jump through the various hoops required to get the green light to build the technology. In actuality,…