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Waters Technology’s extensive coverage of Exchanges features Analysis, Features, Interviews, News and Profiles on the business issues facing Exchange Data and Exchange Technologies professionals across the financial market IT, trading technology and data landscape.

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Exchanges News, Commentary & Analysis from Waters Technology

Data, Not Technology, is Key to Improve Market Surveillance, Says CMCRC

When it comes to market surveillance data—and not technology—is the real issue, according to the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC),...

Sell-Side Technology | News | Exchange Technologies | 18 Aug 2014


JSE Reports Data Revenue Rise

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange has reported first-half data revenues of 95.4 million South African rand, a 16 percent increase over the same period last year, on overall group operating revenue of R869 million, itself a 9 percent increase over the previous...

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 14 Aug 2014


South Korea to Raise Stock Price Movement Limit

With an eye on reviving its economy, South Korea will move the daily price movement limit on stocks from 15 to 30 percent, according to a report from Reuters.

Sell-Side Technology | News | Exchange Technologies | 14 Aug 2014


MillenniumIT Preps Surveillance Algo Library

Market surveillance and compliance teams always have one perpetual challenge in modern markets: staying ahead of the curve.

Sell-Side Technology | Analysis | Compliance | 14 Aug 2014


HKEx Bows ASP Partner Program

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing has set up a program to allow application service providers to establish direct links to HKEx's trading and data systems to provide managed connectivity services to clients, which exchange officials say can lower participants'...

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 13 Aug 2014


NYSE Outlines XDP Feed Migration Roadmap

NYSE Global Market Data, the market data arm of the New York Stock Exchange, has notified clients that it is migrating its NYSE and NYSE MKT best bid and offer datafeeds to its proprietary Exchange Data Publisher (XDP) format, as part of an ongoing project...

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 11 Aug 2014


Vendors Begin Testing GMEX Feeds, Driven by Buy-Side Demand

Data vendors have begun testing new market data feeds from derivatives exchange operator and exchange technology platform provider Global Markets Exchange Group, ahead of the launch of its trading platforms for futures, fixed income and currency markets...

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 07 Aug 2014


Deutsche Börse, Philippine Exchange Sign Data MoU

Deutsche Börse has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Philippine Stock Exchange that will see the exchanges collaborate on the licensing of market data products and expand distribution channels for real-time data.

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 05 Aug 2014


Update: Q2 Exchange Data Revenues Rise, Despite Mixed Overall Financials

Major exchanges worldwide posted significant increases in market data sales in their latest round of their financial results, though they also recorded a mixed bag of total revenues as a consequence of low volumes and low interest rates.

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 04 Aug 2014

claus beischlager vienna stock exchange

Wiener Börse Bows Intraday Corporate Actions Data to Grow Trader Appeal

Wiener Börse, the Vienna Stock Exchange, has released a new service designed to attract new investors to the region's markets, by providing data vendors, analysts, traders and index trackers with timely, intraday access to corporate actions data from...

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 01 Aug 2014

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