Nasdaq Advises Feed Clients to Add Bandwidth

Nasdaq's new bandwidth recommendations for its feeds reflect "recent traffic trends," officials say.


Exchange officials say it has adjusted the recommended levels to reflect recent traffic trends.

Nasdaq has increased the bandwidth recommendation for TotalView ITCH 5.0 from 160 Megabits to 205Mb; MatchView 1.1 from 20Mb to 25Mb; TRF Trades FilterView 2.1 from 3Mb to 4.5Mb; BX Last Sale 2.1 from 3.9Mb to 5.5Mb; BX MatchView 1.1 from 20Mb to 25Mb; PSX TotalView ITCH 5.0 from 21Mb to 33Mb; PSX Best Bid and Offer from 26.5Mb to 30Mb; and PSX MatchView from 20Mb to 25Mb.

Nasdaq bases its recommend

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