Scivantage Integrates TickSmith Tick Data


Online brokerage technology provider Scivantage has incorporated Montreal-based startup tick data provider TickSmith Corp.'s historical intraday and end-of-day tick data into its Scivantage Investor brokerage platform to provide its clients with additional content to support charting and portfolio calculations.

TickSmith's solution is based on SIX Financial Information's Ticks by SIX service, which provides historical tick data on all major asset classes from over 1,500 providers back to mid-2007.

TickSmith then optimizes the service by pre-processing it to include adjusted data, rollups, synthetic millisecond timestamps, and calculated fields.

"With the launch of our enhanced web brokerage platform, we wanted to improve data visualization, intraday charting and portfolio views. While that process sounds fairly straightforward, it requires large amounts of data that needs to be normalized and adjusted," says Chris Psaltos, vice president of product management at Scivantage. "TickSmith has helped streamline that operation and allowed us to add more functionality to our platform."

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