Happy hunting ground

Victor Anderson speaks with Kevin Shames of Alpha Asset Management, a Cape Town-based fund of hedge funds

AXA-IM's Malaval Looks to Central Business Management

Valerie Malaval, head of data management at AXA-Investment Management, granted an exclusive interview with IRD this month. She discusses a reference data project at the Paris-based asset manager, and looks at the growth of the industry as a whole

The Trouble with Spreadsheets

Alan Paris of PricewaterhouseCoopers tells Elizabeth Lumley that the industry needs to remember how work is actually done on the desktop when planning a global, enterprise-wide data management project

I Want You to Take Charge...

Wall Street stalwart Allan Grody has close to four decades' experience of financial data management - none of which have seen the emergence of standards. He tells Elizabeth Lumley why the CEOs of the big firms need to step up to the plate

Relying on number one

With nearly $600 billion under management, Pimco has little need for black-box trading. Instead, according to Mark Kiesel, the firm prefers a more hands-on approach when it comes to planning and executing deals. Phil Albinus chats with Kiesel about his…

... The Data Management Evangelist

Mike Atkin, managing director of the Enterprise Data Management Council, is passionate about the need to place reference data at the heart of the financial services industry. Elizabeth Lumley finds him excited about the future

The value of experience

Sunil Chadda was recently installed as head of Citisoft's hedge fund and derivatives practice. Victor Anderson speaks to him about trends that he's identified since his appointment, the impact Mifid (the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) is…

Changing places

Andrea Danese was appointed to the chief executive's role at Tullett Prebon Information early last year. Victor Anderson speaks to him about his first year at TPI, the challenges he faced moving into what was relatively unchartered territory for him, and…

New ideas on the block

London's Henderson Global Investors uses block-trading venues, but its head of global trading for equities and derivatives, Carl James, sees room for improvement. By Rob Daly, deputy editor of Waters magazine