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Cape City Command

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Update: Cape City Command Calls on Quinn, Barker

Wilmington, NC-based Cape City Command, a provider of appliances that analyze trading session latency and enable trading applications to route to the fastest...

Inside Market Data | News | People | 05 Aug 2014


Cape City Taps Malloy for Sales

Cape City Command, a provider of technology that monitors latency and throughput over switches between trading firms and execution venues to optimize order flow, has hired Kevin Malloy as director of sales. Malloy was most recently vice president of...

Inside Market Data | News | People | 21 Jun 2013


Opening Cross: Get Ready for the New Age of 'Analatencytics'

I shouldn’t be surprised that low latency—which at the end of last year looked like it was ready for a Lance Armstrong-like fall from grace, after trading firms began publicly questioning the rising cost for ever-decreasing benefits—has so quickly...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 21 Jan 2013


Cape City Command Bows ‘Latency Evaluator' as Step to Latency Routing Analysis Tool

Wilmington, NC-based technology vendor Cape City Command has released a free device, dubbed the CC-7070 Latency Evaluator, which allows latency-sensitive trading firms to compare their existing actual latency and throughput performance against benchmark...

Inside Market Data | News | Latency | 17 Jan 2013


Cape City Command Unveils Latency-Routing Analysis Appliance

Wilmington, NC-based technology vendor Cape City Command has launched an appliance that calculates the speed and throughput through individual channels of exchange trading gateways, and generates a stream of latency data on which firms can base routing...

Inside Market Data | News | Latency | 26 Mar 2012


Opening Cross: If You Can't Find the Grail, Should Latency Devotees Change Religion?

The quest for the holy grail of low latency has been one of the driving forces of innovation in the market data industry over the last decade, but as this becomes harder and more expensive to achieve, firms are focusing on new ways to find value and speed-related...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Latency | 26 Mar 2012

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