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Real-Time Risk: Keeping It Real

Pitches for real-time risk solutions focus more on the sell side than the buy side. Jake Thomases set out to determine how much hedge funds and asset managers...

Waters | Feature | Risk Management | 18 Feb 2014


Global OTC Market Reform: Where Next After the US? -- Webcast

WatersTechnology gathered leading industry experts for a webcast on December 5, 2013 to discuss how financial trading firms are dealing with global reform of the OTC derivatives market.

Sell-Side Technology | Web Seminar | Trading Technologies and Strategies | 09 Dec 2013 | audio


The Lost Generation of Corporate Bond Platforms

Corporate bonds today remain among the most manual instruments to trade. But it did not have to be this way. Starting as far back as the late 1990s, attempts have been made to automate institutional credit trading. In part one of this two-part feature,...

Waters | Feature | Trading Technologies and Strategies | 31 May 2013


Poll: Intra-firm Collaboration Is Key

Collaboration within firms is increasing, according to a poll by Boston-based analyst firm Celent. At least, the need for collaboration is increasing. It may take a new set of tools to exercise those collaborative muscles to the fullest.

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 28 Mar 2013

Fabian Vandenreydt

Banks, Broker-Dealers Falling Behind on T2S Preparation

A recent Celent report has found that while parts of the European financial services industry are getting ready for the implementation of the Target2-Securities (T2S) settlement platform, others are lacking preparedness and facing large costs.

Sell-Side Technology | Analysis | Clearing & Settlement | 07 Mar 2013


Optimize: The How and Who

Collateral optimization is a reality for a few institutions, an attainable goal for a few others, and a pipe dream for the rest. In the second part of his feature on optimization, Jake Thomases checks in on who is optimizing and who isn’t, and on what...

Waters | Feature | Risk Management | 15 Feb 2013


A Crowded Market: Brokers, Vendors Battle with FIX

As FIX connectivity costs have risen over the past five years, more brokers are looking to outsourced or hosted solutions to manage those costs. But vendors must prove much in order to win business in an increasingly commoditized space.

Sell-Side Technology | Analysis | Connectivity & Networks | 12 Feb 2013


Optimize: The Whens and the Whys

Collateral optimization systems are coming into vogue as a means of handling some of the obligations of Dodd–Frank and EMIR. In part one of a two-part feature, Jake Thomases examines exactly what about the current market is prompting the adoption, and...

Waters | Feature | Risk Management | 25 Jan 2013


Cost Basis Challenges Find Firms Tackling Reporting Earlier

Even while the industry moves past phase II of the cost basis reporting mandate and look towards fixed income and options reporting in 2014, manual corrections and transfers processing remain top among firms' concerns.

Sell-Side Technology | News | Compliance | 10 Oct 2012


Growing Pains: Bär–BAML Deal Highlights IT’s Role in Wealth Management Consolidation

Details of last week's agreement signal a steady rise in costs devoted to IT as acquisition activity in the space continues.

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | alliances, mergers & acquisitions | 23 Aug 2012

NOW OPEN -- Inside Market Data Awards 2014

For more details...

Call-for-entry and voting are now open for the 12th annual Inside Market Data Awards 2014, which take place in New York on May 21. For more details of the criteria across the call-for-entry and voting categories that recognize industry excellence within market data and reference data click here.


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