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Flash Crash

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GreySpark Study Yields Pre-Trade Risk Best Practices

Recently published research from London-based capital markets consultancy GreySpark Partners has yielded a number of best practices designed to help sell-side...

Sell-Side Technology | News | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 15 Aug 2014


James Rundle: Imperfect Solutions

Most Western exchanges have implemented safety measures to mitigate share-price swings, but others are beginning to experience the algorithmic troubles that brought trading firms to their knees in recent years. Kill switches and circuit breakers don’t...

Waters | Opinion | Risk Management | 08 Jan 2014


January 2014: Do Algorithms Dream of Super-Fast Sheep?

While algorithms are far from sentient, Victor wonders what they would think about if they could.

Waters | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 08 Jan 2014


Risk Management a Challenge When Algos Go Rogue

In an article published in May, Waters explored the problematic task of performing market surveillance in automated, high-frequency trading environments. Another challenging area for algorithmic trading is that of risk management, when questions of risk...

Waters | Feature | Risk Management | 25 Jul 2013


Opening Cross: The Early Bird Catches the Attention of the Authorities

The low-latency data race is often compared to Formula One racing because of its speed and its use of cutting-edge technologies. Yet in F1 qualifying, being first on track is typically the domain of slower teams seeking empty track to set a time before...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 12 Jul 2013


Algorithms, Arbitrage and Broken Things

Settling for a settled debate over high-frequency trading.

Sell-Side Technology | Opinion | Algorithmic Trading | 29 Apr 2013


NYSE Retiring LRP Ahead of Limit Measures

The New York Stock Exchange has filed a plan to withdraw its Liquidity Replenishment Points program (LRP), a way of halting momentum in volatile stocks, with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Sell-Side Technology | News | Exchange Technologies | 03 Apr 2013

A stock exchange screen

Circuit Breakers Adequate for Flash-Crash Prevention

A recent report by London-based consultancy GreySpark Partners has found that circuit breakers and venue controls on algorithms should be sufficient measures to control aberrant behavior related to algorithmic trading, without a need for further legislation....

Buy-Side Technology | Analysis | Algorithmic Trading | 27 Mar 2013


James Rundle: That Golden Touch

The data jungle of modern trading may be confusing, says James, but the UK’s Financial Services Authority is certainly going out with a bang after slamming a complex market manipulation scheme, mirroring wider efforts among national cops to become tech...

Waters | Opinion | Regulation & Standards | 28 Feb 2013


Congressman Lobbies SEC for HFT Crackdown

Representative Ed Markey (D-Mass.) has written to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), advising it to curb the practice of high-frequency trading (HFT).

Sell-Side Technology | News | High Frequency Trading | 21 Jan 2013

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