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IRD's Editor on Basel Committee's Latest Guidance

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has been actively defining details of Basel III capital adequacy rules. Expect more from the committee throughout...

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Regulation & Standards | 03 Sep 2013 | video


Basel Committee Returns To Spotlight

The Basel Committtee on Banking Supervision sees the upcoming G20 summit as an opportunity to put forward more details on Basel III capital adequacy rules

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Regulation & Standards | 30 Aug 2013


FSB Lays Out More Regulatory Deadlines To G-20

FSB chairman Mark Carney has told bank regulatory officials of the G-20 countries of new time frames for accounting standards, Basel III implementation stages, insurance company identification and central clearing of derivatives

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 19 Feb 2013


LEI Operating Arm Should Be Lean And Fast, Say Basel Delegates

Regulators will consider recommendations that the operating arm of the legal entity identifier system should be kept lean and fast to begin with, following a meeting of the Financial Stability Board's Private Sector Preparatory Group

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 17 Oct 2012


Sifma Tech Expo Takeaways

Legal entity identifier (LEI) standards discussions proved to be a highlight of this year's Sifma Tech Expo

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Regulation & Standards | 25 Jun 2012


FSB Approves ISO LEI Standard

The Financial Stability Board, the body that will make recommendations on the legal entity identifier (LEI) to the G-20 next month, has backed the ISO 17442 format for the LEI

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 30 May 2012


Asia-Pacific Tour Diary 3

From this region, whether you're a native, an expat or a visitor, you get to hear perspectives about financial industry operations, including data issues, that you might not otherwise have thought about. With all the coverage Inside Reference Data and...

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Regulation & Standards | 19 Apr 2012


Up For Discussion

As the Financial Stability Board (FSB) continues its work to establish a global legal entity identifier (LEI), Nicholas Hamilton explores the crucial decisions it will have to make before presenting its conclusions in June

Inside Reference Data | Feature | Regulation & Standards | 07 Mar 2012

FSB Announces LEI Implementation Group

The Financial Stability Board has set up a group of experts to develop and present LEI system implementation plans by April

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 10 Jan 2012


2012 and Raising the Standards

As 2011 draws to a close, a look backward and forward at developments in corporate actions and legal entity identifiers (LEI). What will the new year hold for instituting LEI standards and improving the handling of corporate actions?

Inside Reference Data | Opinion | Corporate Actions | 02 Dec 2011

NOW OPEN -- Inside Market Data Awards 2014

For more details...

Call-for-entry and voting are now open for the 12th annual Inside Market Data Awards 2014, which take place in New York on May 21. For more details of the criteria across the call-for-entry and voting categories that recognize industry excellence within market data and reference data click here.


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