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BATS Pushes MMT for BXTR Reporting

Pan-European equity exchange BATS Chi-X Europe has made the Market Model Typology a key component of its BXTR trade reporting service, to help boost market...

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 09 Oct 2014

Scott O'Malia

O'Malia Outlines How CFTC Can Tackle its Data Difficulties

Commodity Futures Trading Commission's Scott O'Malia says regulator must improve swaps data quality, and develop automated surveillance and risk analytics tools

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 26 Mar 2014


RIXML Releases Expanded Schema

RIXML.org, the industry body behind the development of the Research Information Exchange Markup Language -- which applies standard XML tagging to research documents to improve how research is described, organized, filtered and displayed -- has released...

Inside Market Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 25 Feb 2013


Open Platform: Don’t Get ‘Owned’ By Data Ownership

The future of financial firms’ market data organizations will be defined by effective governance of external data and proprietary prices. But lack of standards and myriad disparate policies is creating opacity, confusion and potential liabilities, says...

Inside Market Data | Opinion | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 13 Aug 2012


Emerging Markets See Strength in Numbers for Data Distribution

With investor interest in emerging markets still strong, emerging market exchanges are using alliances with their peers and with established exchanges and technology providers, and technology standards to expand their international reach.

Inside Market Data | News | Exchange Data | 13 Jun 2012


WFIC Diary Day 3: Data Industry Begs for Change

On the final day of industry association FISD's World Financial Information Conference, panelists stressed the need to adapt, whether in preparation for regulation, or in response to new technologies on the horizon, or to respond to competitive pressures....

Inside Market Data | Analysis | Industry Issues & Initiatives | 13 Oct 2011


The Next Step for Standards

With Sibos around the corner, Carla Mangado speaks to Euroclear’s Edwin De Pauw about standards, outstanding challenges and why now is the right time to move forward

Inside Reference Data | Interview | Regulation & Standards | 08 Sep 2011


Swift's MyStandards Set for April 2012 Release

Having carried out an initial demo of MyStandards at Sibos 2010 in Amsterdam, Swift now plans to kick off phase two of development, looking to a 2012 release

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 08 Sep 2011


Two ISO Standards Create Maintenance Challenges, Experts Say

Industry practitioners claim the longer the co-existence period between ISO 15022 and ISO 20022, the more challenges they will face

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 06 Sep 2011


CDMG Raising LEI Awareness to Avoid Reg Disconnect

JWG's industry group is looking to create greater awareness around the need for a homogeneous regulatory debate

Inside Reference Data | News | Regulation & Standards | 09 Aug 2011

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